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Description floor speaker Legacy Audio Focus HD

In the design of the Legacy Audio Focus HD laid the original technical design: the particular location of speakers on the front panel minimizes coloration of the sound. But in addition to the specifications, which often are distant from the main advantages of acoustics - its sound, this model demonstrates how uncompromising sound quality. The sound of the Legacy Focus in the mid-frequency range is considered the best in the world.

In a long 16 year history of the model its design has undergone only two updates, the last occurred in 2006 and represents a return to the classic for Legacy 4-lane scheme. Reducing the number of lanes is made possible through the use of new emitters, able to work with minimal distortion in a wider, in comparison with the previous elements, the band. Also reduced the number of crossovers, which is always beneficial to the sound. Change the circuitry enables the use of filters, improved components, increasing the overall cost of the system. The sound in mid-frequency range to be moved to a new level of quality, compared to the previous model, due to the use of a new unique ribbon speaker with a diameter of 76 mm – own design Legacy Audio. Thanks to this it acquired to the required transparency and beauty. All the elements of the crossover are selected with the utmost care, the dispersion characteristics of the system components was less than 1 dB.

Changes were made to the subwoofer section which uses new long-throw driver with more flexible suspensions, durable and lightweight polypropylene cone. This decision preserved the unchanged tonal balance at the low volume levels and significantly reduced warm-up time acoustic. On the rear panel is mounted with two pairs of terminals connected by jumpers for various options of connecting power amplifiers and two toggle switch with which you can adjust the tone of high and low frequencies.

Power, speed, detail — Legacy Audio Focus HD is a truly versatile model, which is subject to any of musical genres, a true multi-instrumentalist in the lineup Legacy. Harmonious integration in the interior space offers a few basic options for finishing the body with natural veneer. Possible the original finish of the case in accordance with the individual wishes of the customer.

Starting with the 2013 model year, both models Focus equipped with the latest dual tweeter high performance Legacy Dual Air Motion Tweeter (an advanced AMT design) with high efficiency.

Standard finish options: Black Pearl (black pearl), Rosewood (rosewood), Natural Cherry (cherry). Options finish option: Black Oak (black oak), Medium Oak (dark oak), Walnut (walnut), Satin Pommele Sapele (African mahogany), Curly Maple (maple), BE Maple (maple bird's eye), Olive Ash Burl (olive ash with capam), Sapele Pommele HG (varnished African mahogany). The terms and conditions of manufacturing in Tula.

Features floor speaker Legacy Audio Focus HD

Four-lane configuration
Tape the tweeters and midrange speakers
Carefully selected elements of crossovers
Tumblers for korrektirovki sound high and low frequencies
Details and high-quality veneer

Features of outdoor acoustics Legacy Audio Focus HD

TypeOutdoor, passive, bass reflex type
The number of lanes4
Frequency range18 - 30000 Hz
Sensitivity95,4 dB / 2,83 V / 1 m
Nominal impedance4 Ohms
The crossover frequency120 / 2800 / 8000 Hz
DynamicsHF - dual AMT system, 25/102 mm, 1 PC.
Midrange driver 178-mm, 2 PCs., cast basket, the cone Rohacell - reinforced carbon/silver
Bass 305-mm, 2 PCs., aluminum cone, cast basket
Recommended amplifier power rating will10-500 watts
Speaker dimensions 1400 x 394 x 330 mm (1575 x 508 x 508 mm in the package)
The weight of one column60,3 kg (92 kg per pack)

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