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Description of outdoor acoustics Legacy Audio Expression

Outdoor speaker system Legacy Audio Expression is the configuration of the 2.5 band, and is available in a chic palette of external finishes in natural wood or piano lacquer.

The column is equipped with two low frequency speakers with a diameter of 8 inches, the range of one of which extended down to improve bass response. Both speakers have the same design, equipped with a woven silver/graphite cones with phase plug and custom die-cast basket. Basewiki equipped with an efficient magnet system based on neodymium. Same WOOFER installed in the updated models of the firm Focus SE.

The tweeter in the Legacy Audio Expression has a patented spiral belt design. The speakers feature a bass reflex design with one outlet on the front panel and have the input terminals for two-cable connection. On the connector block are two switches to adjust the frequency response of acoustic systems in the low and high frequencies (by 2 dB). The possibility of such adjustment makes setting overall tonal balance of the system when you place it in different rooms.

The body column is made in such a way as to exclude the risk of internal standing waves, and the vibration of the walls can be painted sound. Additional internal ties significantly improve the overall acoustic inertness of the body. Cut the corners of the front panel reduces the dispersion of sound waves at RF, which improves stereopathetic. For better mechanical isolation from the surface of the floor speakers Legacy Audio Expression are completed with reliable holding spikes.

These columns combine such qualities as a high degree of detail of the sound, broad and focused stereo image and at the same time deep and dynamic bass. This allows you to use Legacy Audio Expression as a part of a stereo, and high-end home theater as a front stereo pair. These speakers are manufactured and configured manually on the plant firm in the United States.

Standard finish options: Black Pearl (black pearl), Rosewood (rosewood), Natural Cherry (cherry). Options finish option: Black Oak (black oak), Medium Oak (dark oak), Walnut (walnut), Satin Pommele Sapele (African mahogany), Curly Maple (maple), BE Maple (maple bird's eye), Olive Ash Burl (olive ash with capam), Sapele Pommele HG (varnished African mahogany). The terms and conditions of manufacturing in Tula.

Features of outdoor acoustics Legacy Audio Expression

Asymmetrical hull design that reduces the effect of standing waves
Brand spiral ribbon tweeter
The cones woven from silver threads and carbon fiber
2 pair of input terminals
High sensitivity

Features of outdoor acoustics Legacy Audio Expression

The number of lanes2,5
Frequency range 38 - 22000 Hz
Sensitivity94 dB
Resistance4 Ohms
Recommended amplifier power rating will10-250 watts
Crossover frequencies500 Hz, 3000 Hz
HF-emitter25 mm, helical ribbon driver
CQ-emitter203-mm, cast basket, the cone Rohacell reinforced carbon/silver
Low-frequency transducer203-mm, cast basket, the cone Rohacell reinforced carbon/silver
Acoustic design WOOFER linkA phase inverter with Butterworth filter of the 5th order
Input connectors2 pairs
Sizes978 x 273 x 273 mm
Net weight31 kg (each speaker)

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