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Description floor speaker T A KS 350

These slim naparniki German company T occupy A Junior position in the series, behind top-end acoustics KS 300.

Despite its relatively small size (column width is only 150 mm), these trehprudnyi can provide a fairly powerful bass and at the same time smooth and transparent sound. The fact that the material for the chassis is aluminum. In the end, achieved the necessary strength, rigidity and a sufficient weight, which helps minimize vibrations and resonances. By using special production technology, the thickness of the walls of the Cabinet is only a few millimeters, which leads to an increase in its internal space.

In acoustics T A KS 350 uses three high-tech bass speaker 120 mm, cone diffusers are made of durable rigid material having relief notches. This long-throw drivers with robust suspension. The layout corresponds to the circuit D Appolito, i.e., a network located between the woofers and midrange drivers. Used 35 mm tweeter with soft circular membrane, similar to that installed in the older series models. It allows you to reach the upper boundary of the frequency range of 45,000 Hz. Midrange driver with a diameter of 120 mm and has a membrane coated with notches that helps to eliminate parasitic resonances.

The port of the phase inverter tube is displayed on the front panel. This greatly enhances the possibility associated with setting up the speakers in the room. Due to the acoustics of this design can be placed closer to the walls. The MSS has two plates attached to its top and to the bottom with screws. The bottom plate is equipped outside of the Cabinet legs. The legs are attached with spikes for minimal contact with the surface.

T A KS 350 uses the crossover with selected high-precision components, which provides accurate channel separation and guarantees the receipt of a whole musical picture. On the rear panel are two pairs of screw terminals for connecting speaker cable. Possible connection type Bi-Wiring or Bi-Amping.

The audible feed T A KS 350 impresses with openness and transparency, as well as accurate image location in space. The bass is quite tight, deep and rich, despite the relatively small enclosure. Column versatile and can be used as as home theater fronts, and as a stereo pair.

Features floor speaker T A KS 350

Fully aluminum case
Three LF driver
The upper frequency range reaches up to 45000 Hz
The reflex port displayed on the front panel

Features of outdoor acoustics T A KS 350

The number of bands3
The number of speakers5
Housing typebass reflex
The type of tweeter35 mm tweeter soft ring dome diaphragm
The diameter and type of MF-radiator120 mm midrange driver with a diffuser with relief notches
And diameter type bass radiatorthree 120-mm LF driver with diffusers with relief notches
Frequency range40 – 45000 Hz
Impedance4 Ohms
Sensitivity85 dB (1 watt/1 meter)
Rated power100 W
Peak power150 W
The crossover frequency of the crossover300 Hz/2200 Hz
Input connectorstwo pairs of screw terminals
Dimensions (WxHxD)150x940x210 mm
Weight15 kg (single column)

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