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Description floor acoustic ELAC FS 78

three-way floor-standing speaker system ELAC FS 78 is the flagship Line 70, which replaced the previous initial series ELAC 50.2 and 60.2. Despite its relatively small size, the model demonstrates a truly big sound with impressive large-scale stage.

Strong, stiff and perfectly damped case ELAC FS 78 is made of MDF and has a lacquer coating and features simple, elegant design. Its base consists of several protruding outside the Cabinet the rectangular plate, which is screwed into the chrome spikes for decoupling from the floor. Quite a large round reflex port made in the back of the case. The model is equipped with a pair of high-quality screw terminals with gold-plated contacts.

In the upper part of the front panel acoustic system features a 25 mm tweeter with cloth dome with a special coating. It is a 115-millimeter driver with phase-equalizing bullet responsible for the mid-frequency range. Bass engaged in a pair of 178 mm woofers with one-piece neskorozhana metal chassis. Diffusers midrange driver and woofers are made of specially treated cellulose. All speakers are close neat fabric grill that has a standard pin fastening.

napolnena the frequency response is quite wide and ranges from 33 Hz to 28 kHz. Crossover, in circuits which are selective elements, divides the bands at frequencies of 900 and 3600 Hz. The model sensitivity is 88 dB, and impedance can drop to 3.8 Ohms, so with FS 78 it is desirable to use an amplifier that can handle low-impedance loads.

ELAC FS 78 has a well-balanced, musical sound with a slightly softened "velvety" by applying a high frequency, well-designed midrange and fast tight bass. The model is designed to sound premises with a total area of more than 30 m². Based on this AC you can build a good home theatre system, addition of rear speakers BS 73 and a Central channel 71 SS from the same line, but as a subwoofer company ELAC recommends to use the model SUB 2030. Naparniki FS 78 well-will manifest itself as a stereo pair consisting of the Hi-Fi audio system primary or even secondary level.

features of outdoor acoustics ELAC FS 78

25 mm dome tweeter with fabric membrane
115 mm midrange driver and two 178 mm woofer with diffuser made of cellulose
Hard shell made of MDF with lacquer coating

features of outdoor acoustics ELAC FS 78

Number of bands3
Number of speakers4
enclosure Typebass reflex, the port at the rear of the Cabinet
Tweeter25 mm tweeter driver unit with soft dome membrane with a special coating
Diameter and type CQ-emitter115 mm midrange driver with phase-equalizing bullet and a diffuser of cellulose
Diameter type bass radiator2 x 178 mm WOOFER driver, diffuser made of cellulose, steel chassis
frequency Range33 Hz – 28000 Hz
nominal impedance4 Ohm
Minimum impedance3.8 Ohm
Sensitivity88 dB (2,83 V/1 m)
Frequency bands900/3600 Hz
recommended amplifier power20-180 watts per channel
nominal/peak power100/140 watts
Input terminals2 terminals
dimensions (WxHxD)200х1070х350 mm
Weight20,2 kg (one speaker)
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