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Photos and specs Floor standing speakers ELAC FS 407

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  • Floor standing speakers ELAC FS 407
  • Floor standing speakers ELAC FS 407
  • Floor standing speakers ELAC FS 407

Description floor acoustic ELAC FS 407

The company ELAC has introduced a new 400-th series of acoustics, which occupies a high position in its line and yet consists of only two models. Naparniki ELAC FS 407 has already won a number of awards from well-known specialized publications.

This 2.5-way speaker system features elegant, well-damped enclosure with a height of just over one meter, which is made from MDF. The bass port installed in the bottom of the Cabinet for the purpose of obtaining more fundamental bass and reduction of turbulent noise. The columns can be placed closer to the walls. The Cabinet has a small stalk, through which it connects with the base, providing the necessary space for the flow of air exiting the duct pipe. To the base are screwed two metal brackets, each of which are mounted on adjustable conical feet-spikes. Alternatively, the spikes you can use the supplied rubber pads.

Used improved, the fifth edition of JET ribbon tweeter whose design is based on the principle of operation of Hale. The tweeter features a new ultra-thin diaphragm, neodymium magnets and allows you to extend the upper frequency response range up to 50 kHz. Two 150mm midrange/WOOFER got the diffusers AS-XR (Crystal Membrane), which is a sandwich consisting of paper conical base, on which is pasted a thin embossed aluminum dome (0.2 mm). Moreover, the voice coil is attached to paper base and aluminum surfaces. This technology is called “Aluminum-Sandwich AS Technology”. It serves to eliminate resonance oscillations of the diaphragm and increase its rigidity. However, dynamic range is increased by an octave. Both of the drivers have baskets of cast aluminum, heavy duty wide hangers and coils of larger diameter.

A protective grill is attached to the front panel by magnets. On the back side of the housing there are two screw terminals for cable connections. The crossover uses inductors without cores and film capacitors.

The sound of the ELAC FS 407 impressive transparency and abundance of air in the upper register. Speakers have a smoother mid and a deep structured bass. The model boasts the scale and precision of the stage and excellent dynamics.

Features floor acoustic ELAC FS 407

Proprietary ribbon tweeter new generation JET 5
150 mm midrange/WOOFER drivers with diffusers Crystal Membrane
Upper limit of frequency characteristics up to 50 kHz
The reflex port is at the bottom of the Cabinet

Features of outdoor acoustics ELAC FS 407

The number of bands2,5
The number of speakers3
Housing typebass reflex port is pointing down (located at the bottom of the Cabinet)
The type of tweetera ribbon driver is a new generation JET 5
The diameter and type of midrange/treble radiatortwo 150 mm mid/bass driver with diffusers AS-XR (Crystal Membrane), a multilayer construction type aluminium sandwich technology Aluminum-Sandwich AS Technology, cast aluminum basket, larger diameter voice coils
Frequency range30 Hz – 50000 Hz
Nominal impedance4 Ohms
The minimum impedance3.5 Ohms (200 Hz)
Sensitivity88 dB (2,83 V, 1 m)
The frequency bands450/2500 Hz
Recommended amplifier power rating will40-300 watts per channel
Nominal/peak power130/170 W
Input connectorsone pair of terminals
Dimensions (WxHxD)260х1038х314 mm
Weight20,4 kg (single column)

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