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Description floor acoustic ELAC FS 267

Outdoor 2.5-way model ELAC FS 267 refers to the line 260, which replaced the iconic 240 series Black Edition.

The development of the case German engineers retreated from a strict rectilinear forms. Napolenic FS 267 received the elegantly curved side panels, which provide aesthetic appearance and solve some of the problems associated with acoustic reflections and standing waves inside the enclosure. One of the ports of the port built into the bottom of the Cabinet, and the Cabinet "unleashed" with a base with four Nickel-plated feet. The second port is at the rear of the AC. In the end, results in a more uniform distribution of bass in the listening room. The base plate is equipped with adjustable legs, to which are attached the cleats or rubber.

Speaker comes with the tweeter latest generation of JET V, operating on the principle of Hale. It uses ultra-thin membrane belt neodymowy and a powerful magnetic system. The RF emitter has an exceptional linearity and allows to reach the upper threshold at 50 kHz, which is important for audio formats, high resolution.

Used pair of 150 mm long-throw midrange/bass drivers AS-XR with extended dynamic range. Applied technology famous brand Aluminum-Sandwich AS. Drivers have a diaphragm “Crystal Membrane” consisting of a paper cone and glued it to a thin aluminium dome with embossed surface. The voice coil is connected as with paper cone and aluminum dome diaphragm. This design copes with resonances, increases stiffness and provides increased dynamic range by an octave.

The metal grill is attached to the facade of the ELAC FS 267 by means of magnets. On the back side of the housing there are two screw terminal for connection to the amplifier. Crossover allows you to get seamless sound. In the circuit used high-quality parts, including air coils and foil capacitors. Wiring is made cable by Van den Hul.

The sound of the ELAC FS 267 is characterized by transparency, openness and high resolution. Particularly impressive is crystal clear in the treble range, midrange naturalness spectrum. Low frequency relief, exact and deep enough. Napolenic builds the correct three-dimensional scene. The model comes in basic gloss black finish. Surcharge this speaker can be ordered in any color standard RAL.

Features floor acoustic ELAC FS 267

Well damped enclosure with curved side panels
Ribbon tweeter latest generation JET V
A pair of 150 mm midrange/bass driver with Crystal Membrane diffusers
One of the ports of phase inverter installed in the bottom of the Cabinet

Features of outdoor acoustics ELAC FS 267

The number of bands2,5
The number of speakers3
Housing typevented, dual ports, one of which is in the bottom of the housing
Tweeterribbon driver JET V, NdFeB magnet
The diameter and type of midrange/treble radiator2 x 150mm midrange/WOOFER driver, diffuser AS-XR Crystal Membrane, aluminium sandwich, reinforced rubber suspension, the linear displacement of the diffuser: ± 15 mm
Frequency range30 – 50000 Hz
Nominal impedance4 Ohms
The minimum impedance3,4 Ohms (190 Hz)
Sensitivity88,5 dB (2,83 V/1 m)
The frequency bands500/2500 Hz
Recommended amplifier power rating will30 - 250 watts per channel
Nominal/peak power120/160 watts
Input connectors2 screw terminals
Dimensions (WxHxD)240х1021х285 mm
Weight19,8 kg

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