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Description floor acoustic ELAC FS 247.3

Speaker system ELAC FS 247.3 are the younger of the two floor-standing models, included in this series. Speakers are ideal for PA systems in buildings of medium size, and at the same time is able to fully reproduce all genres of music without subwoofer support. The speaker housing is made of chipboard, has an internal damping for damping resonances, and finish ELAC FS 247.3 is black or white piano lacquer. At a height of just over one meter acoustics fit perfectly into the housing interior.

ELAC FS 247.3 equipped with two bass speakers with a diameter of 150 mm with a proprietary diffuser AS-XR resistant to parasitic vibrations. The diffusers are mounted on an elastic suspension and is connected with the voice coil placed in a powerful magnetic field system capable of rapid linear motion with a large amplitude. Basewiki included in configuration 1.5 fringes with a frequency between 500 Hz and is loaded on the phase inverter.

For high frequency reproduction in ELAC FS 247.3 responsible corporate ribbon tweeter JET of the fifth generation working in the range up to 50 kHz. A ribbon driver has a number of advantages over traditional dome tweeters in addition to the expanded range of frequencies is more transparent and detailed sound, giving the music volume and airiness. However, these tweeters are much more difficult to manufacture, and require precise calculation of the dividing filter, so not all companies use ribbon tweeters in their speakers.

Speakers have a sound design that is characteristic of the high-end models. A block of screw terminals ELAC FS 247.3 mounted in the lower part of the back panel, to make the connection the most accurate, while a protective mesh on the front panel is fixed with the help of invisible magnetic clips. One of the two inverters to AC sent in a special bottom cavity formed by the graceful accents that provides a uniform distribution of bass in the listening room. The main base plate ELAC FS 247.3 fitted with spikes for better mechanical isolation from the floor surface.

Features floor acoustic ELAC FS 247.3

Ribbon tweeter JET of the fifth generation with extended frequency range
Patented air bazovica AS-XR
Black or white lacquer finish on the Cabinet

Features of outdoor acoustics ELAC FS 247.3

Typeoutdoor AC
The number of bands2,5
The number of emitters3
Housing typethe phase inverter on the bottom and rear panels
The subwoofer2 x 150 mm, diffuser AS-XR
The emitter of the RFribbon tweeter JET V
Frequency range30 Hz - 50000 Hz
Sensitivity 89 dB
The tuning frequency of the filter500, 2500 Hz
Resistance4 Ohms (minimum 3.4 Ohms / 210 Hz)
Recommended amplifier power rating will30 - 250 W
Dimensions (WxHxD)1010 x 220 x 320 mm
Weight16,8 kg
Finish optionsblack lacquer, white lacquer

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