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Photos and specs Floor standing speakers Davis Acoustics Vinci HD

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  • Floor standing speakers Davis Acoustics Vinci HD
  • Floor standing speakers Davis Acoustics Vinci HD
  • Floor standing speakers Davis Acoustics Vinci HD

Description floor acoustic Davis Acoustics Vinci HD

Outdoor speaker systems Davis Acoustics Vinci HD was developed on the basis of very successful models Matisse HD, but with the new speakers. Radiators for your speakers Davis Acoustics company manufactures independently, allowing precise adjustment of their parameters with characteristics of a particular acoustic design.

Speakers have three-way configuration, and are equipped with a phase inverter, outlet of which is displayed on the front panel. Two bass speaker in the speaker cones have a diameter of 6.5 inches, is made of carbon fiber. The use of two bass heads instead of one allowed to get deep enough for quality music of all genres the bass and high sensitivity, and at the same time maintain the front panel of the column as narrow as possible (not coincidentally Vinci HD is part of a series of Life-style acoustics Davis Acoustics company). Speakers are mounted on anti-resonant baskets, and equipped with a powerful magnetic systems.

For MIDs meets in the column speaker with Kevlar cone diameter of 5 inches. This material is best suited for the manufacture of diaphragms it is midrange, as it effectively resists resonances, and at the same time light enough to accurately track the slightest changes in the audio signal. Squeaker in Davis Acoustics Vinci HD has a fabric dome with a diameter of one inch.

The speaker cabinets have a high-quality internal damping, in addition, their side walls, like all models, the AC in this series, sloping. This not only provides high structural rigidity, but also allows you to effectively deal with internal standing waves. Exterior finish Davis Acoustics Vinci HD can be made real wood, piano lacquer or real.

To give slender casings have the necessary stability they are mounted on a massive base, also, taking into account spikes, supports, and serve as a good mechanical decoupling from external vibrations. For connection to amplifier there are two pairs high quality binding posts.

Features floor acoustic Davis Acoustics Vinci HD

The phase inverter on the front panel
Two bass drivers
Dual input terminals

Features of outdoor acoustics Davis Acoustics Vinci HD

Acoustic designThe phase inverter
Rated power130 W
Maximum power200 W
The number of lanes3
Speaker RF25 mm, woven
Midrange speaker130 mm, with Kevlar cone
The subwoofer2 x 170 mm paper-carbon fiber diffuser
Frequency range35 - 23000 Hz
Sensitivity93 dB
Resistance4 Ohms
Frequency section350 / 3500 Hz
Dimensions210 x 290 x 1020 mm
Weight28 kg

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