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  • Floor standing speakers DALI Zensor 7
  • Floor standing speakers DALI Zensor 7
  • Floor standing speakers DALI Zensor 7

Description of outdoor acoustics DALI Zensor 7

Speaker system DALI Zensor 7 is the flagship model in the new line of "Censors". With the increase of almost 100 cm Zensor 7 clearly visible in the premises of medium and large sizes. It draws attention not only to size but also quite modern appearance that combines elements of art Nouveau style with a willingness to give full-blooded audio experience in a fairly large living volume.

DALI Zensor 7 has all the advantages of technologies, borrowed directly from the families of DALI speakers High End class. This is the only "Censors" model, fitted with a pair of 7-inch (178-mm) woofers that by the total square diffusers are much higher than typical speakers in this price range and allow without much effort, vosproizvodit genuine musical dynamics. The suspension design and brand diffuser, reinforced with wood fibers, provide a superior sound stage and long listening with the same pleasure. The new 25mm tweeter is a soft fabric dome, which is twice lighter than most competitors, and it allows a much more accurate way to convey fine details at high frequencies. Overall, new AC machines revision of many of the standards previously established in this price category.

Like all the "Censors", the top model has important advantages such as rounded edges, reduces diffraction of sound and its associated distortion. Massive aluminum parts complement the design of the front panel, flexible use provide a removable protective grille, and solid aluminum base is used for greater stability. Narrow front panel Zensor 7 is decorated with polished lacquer finish, and side panels made of MDF, laminate wood furniture quality picture "black ash", "light walnut", or a matte white finish, also attach the speakers attractive appearance. Inside the case are reinforced with bulkheads, the reflex port displayed on the front panel, there are speaker connectors are premium quality (one pair).

In other words, DALI Zensor 7 is not just another traditional acoustics, and a unique and modern system, created on the basis of experience and core values of DALI. Zensor 7 – tradition and innovation – "in one body".

Features of outdoor acoustics DALI Zensor 7

Paper cone midrange/WOOFER drivers, reinforced wood fiber
A bass port on the front panel
Stylish appearance

Features of outdoor acoustics DALI Zensor 7

Typeoutdoor speaker system
Frequency range40-26500 Hz
Sensitivity90 dB
Impedance5 Ohms
Maximum sound pressure110 dB
Dynamics25 mm tweeter with cloth dome
2 x 7" midrange/WOOFER with diffusers, reinforced wood fiber
The tuning frequency of bass-reflex40 Hz
The crossover frequency2400 Hz
Recommended amplifier power40-150 W
The recommended distance from the wall20-80 cm
Dimensions994 x 257 x 320 mm
Weight14,9 kg

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