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  • Floor standing speakers DALI Rubicon 8
  • Floor standing speakers DALI Rubicon 8

Description of outdoor acoustics DALI Rubicon 8

The top model of the AU series of Rubicon, with the index 8, equipped with heavy bass section, consisting of three speakers. When the body height a little over one meter column not too visible in the modern interior, which also contributes to high-quality external finish. Neat installation of the emitters on the front panel makes the column look good with the removed protective grid that has invisible magnetic fixing.

DALI Rubicon 8 is equipped with three low frequency speaker with a diameter of 165 mm, one of which included using a traditional crossover, and the other two for another half stripe down each. It took a lot of work on exact matching of all three woofers, but yielded a great result from the point of view of sound quality.

With this design the low-frequency level speakers reproduce the bass starting at 38 Hz, which is a great indicator for a fairly compact speaker. An additional advantage of this solution is the smoothness and refinement the bass range with accurate reproduction of short pulsed sounds. Basewiki is loaded on the phase inverter, which is configured at a frequency of 33.5 Hz. The crossover between the WOOFER and tweeter ranges in column DALI Rubicon 8 is configured to 2500 Hz, which is optimal for accurate reproduction of live acoustic recordings

High-frequency section of the DALI Rubicon 8 consists of an RF emitter with fabric dome with a diameter of 28 mm, and ribbon tweeter with a radiating area of the membrane 17 x 45 mm. Thanks to this operating frequency range of the acoustic system was able to expand to 34,000 Hz, and make it sound airy and crystal clear. The crossover between the heads is configured to 14,000 Hz, allowing to align the speakers frequency response in high frequency region. For connection to amplifier there are two pairs of gold-plated screw terminals.

The housing is reinforced with specifically designed internal bracing and damping is preventing the coloration of the sound even at maximum input power. Last for DALI Rubicon 8 is up to 250 watts, with a sensitivity 90,5 DB speakers in allows you to develop in the listening room quite a considerable sound pressure. They are delivered with spikes and damping self-adhesive support.

Features of outdoor acoustics DALI Rubicon 8

Three bazovica diameter 165 mm
Advanced configuration of 2.5 strips
Two-cable connection

Features of outdoor acoustics DALI Rubicon 8

The number of bands0,5 2,5 0,5 strips
The number of speakers5
Housing typephase inverters on the rear panel
The subwoofer3 x 165 mm, diffuser from wood-pulp
RF section dome tweeter 29 mm (soft fabric dome) tweeter ribbon 17 x 45 mm
Frequency range38 Hz 34000 Hz ( /- 3dB)
Sensitivity90,5 dB
Sound pressure112 dB
Nominal impedance 4 Ohms
Crossover network setup 500/800/2500/14000 Hz
Input connectors2 pair gold plated screw terminals
Recommended amplifier power rating will40 - 250 watts
Dimensions (WxHxD)220 x 1100 x 445 mm (with roof rails)
Weight27,3 kg

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