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  • Floor standing speakers DALI Rubicon 6
  • Floor standing speakers DALI Rubicon 6
  • Floor standing speakers DALI Rubicon 6

Description of outdoor acoustics DALI Rubicon 6

Outdoor speaker system DALI Rubicon 6 have one besovic less than top-end speakers in this series, and as superior to younger floor model Rubicon 5. The columns have an unusual configuration - two traditional frequency bands they expanded in the areas of bass and treble even at the half. The speaker system features a pair of 165 mm subwoofers with diffusers from a wood-pulp with powerful magnets, which are mounted on non resonant cast baskets aluminum. The diffusers have a wide suspensions of rubber, which enable them to move with a large amplitude and effectively canceling parasitic resonances. The lower besovic included in the work, starting with frequencies of 800 Hz, which ensures the necessary expansion of the range of reproduced bass without narrowing the dynamic range. The woofers are mounted in an acoustically isolated inner chamber (the wall of which also plays the role of additional layers that increase the rigidity of the case) and loaded onto a phase inverter, outlet of which is displayed on the back cover. The inverters are exactly opposite of bazovica to reduce turbulence of the air flow coming out.

Combined RF block in this column is the same as in the other models (except Rubicon polonica 2). It consists of tweeters with soft fabric dome with a diameter of 29 mm and tape the emitter. Both tweeter are mounted on a common metal plate, insulating them from the influence of bazovica. Ribbon driver shall work with a frequency of 14,000 Hz, extending the frequency response of the acoustic system up to 34,000 Hz. In addition, directivity speakers with additional tweeter dynamics substantially aligned, and the sound quality will be less dependent on settings of the listening room.

The speakers are connected to the separation filter. made from selected components and for connection to amplifier there are two pairs of screw terminals. Exterior finish of the DALI Rubicon 6 can be made black or white piano lacquer, or natural wood two varieties.

Features of outdoor acoustics DALI Rubicon 6

Two bazovica diameter 165 mm
Combo RF unit (Squeaker ribbon tweeter)
Two-cable connection

Features of outdoor acoustics DALI Rubicon 6

The number of bands0,5 2 0,5
The number of speakers4
Housing typephase inverters on the rear panel
The subwoofer2 x 165 mm diffuser from wood-pulp
RF blockribbon tweeter and 17 x 45 mm, domed 29mm tweeter (soft dome)
Frequency range40 Hz 34000 Hz ( /- 3dB)
Sensitivity88,5 dB
Sound pressure110 dB
Nominal impedance 4 Ohms
Crossover network setup 800/2600 Hz, 14000 Hz
Input connectors2 pair gold plated screw terminals
Recommended amplifier power rating will40 - 200W
Dimensions (WxHxD)990 x 200 x 380 mm (with roof rails)
Weight20,2 kg

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