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Photos and specs Floor standing speakers DALI Fazon F5

Review and test Floor standing speakers DALI Fazon F5
  • Floor standing speakers DALI Fazon F5
  • Floor standing speakers DALI Fazon F5
  • Floor standing speakers DALI Fazon F5
  • Floor standing speakers DALI Fazon F5
  • Floor standing speakers DALI Fazon F5

Description floor speaker DALI Fazon F5

Speaker system, DALI Fazon F5 is known to refute the idea that the acoustics class Life Style is not able to provide true Hi-Fi sound. This is a real high-end speakers, made in the fashionable and stylish package in which all the elements were calculated as for reasons of attractive appearance and accurate sound.

The speaker DALI Fazon F5 made of aluminum, has no parallel surfaces for the effective suppression of resonances, and provides stable mounting of the speakers. Narrow front panel eliminates the dispersion of sound waves at the edge, at the expense of what speakers literally dissolve in the sound stage, almost revealing himself in the listening room.

The tweeter is equipped with a light fabric dome with a diameter of 28 mm, and a powerful magnetic system for high fidelity sound details. Internal reflections of the sound waves is minimized with the help of deep damping of the housing, and to reduce the damping coefficient it is made of ventilated. Two bass dynamics are very rigid and light diffusers from paper-tissue mass with a diameter of 127 mm, flexible rubber suspension, and massive magnet system. Large amplitude displacement diffusers playback provides powerful bass and worked out that evenly fill the listening room.

The front panel has a column structure type "sandwich", with anti-vibration polymer pad. This solution allows to achieve the required acoustic inertness of the design, and eliminate unwanted coloration of the sound even at high listening volume. In addition, this provides excellent mechanical isolation of the speakers from each other, and vibration from bazovica not affect the quality of the treble unit. Protective net of the speakers is acoustically almost transparent, and has a magnetic mount, so when removing the front panel does not remain any "extra" elements. Aluminum prop that is part of the design of the speakers ensures a secure fit DALI Fazon F5, and has an internal channel for the covert laying of speaker cable.

Features floor speaker DALI Fazon F5

Aluminum case
Magnetic fastening mesh
Hidden wiring in the support

Features of outdoor acoustics DALI Fazon F5

Typefloor standing speakers
Frequency range49-23000 Hz
Sensitivity87,5 dB
Impedance6 Ohms
Recommended amplifier power40-180 W
Dynamicstweeter: 28 mm soft textile dome
LF/MF driver: 2 x 5" (133 mm)
Frequency crossover800, 3000 Hz
The tuning frequency of bass-reflex47 Hz
The recommended distance from the wall25 cm
Dimensions (with base and grills)919 x 281 x 323 mm
Weight13,9 kg

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