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Description floor speaker Cerwin-Vega SL-8

Compact floor-standing speaker system Cerwin-Vega SL-8 is in a room not too much space, but are able to reproduce rich and dynamic sound, and have deep bass. Speakers have a two-lane configuration and are equipped with proprietary emitters. Recognizable aggressive appearance Cerwin-Vega SL-8 with a suspension of bazovica diffuser and dome tweeters red is in perfect harmony with its energetic sound, which is especially appreciated by fans of hard rock. However, if desired, the appearance of columns can be made more neutral, hiding the speakers behind protective netting.

Speakers equipped with a subwoofer with a diffuser with a diameter of 200 mm mounted on an elastic suspension, providing linear motion with a large amplitude and effectively DAMPS spurious vibrations. Besovic mounted on die-cast chassis and is equipped with a powerful magnetic system. The bass speaker is loaded on the phase inverter, outlet of which is displayed on the back cover. This should be considered when placing the speakers in the listening room because its very close mounting to the wall can lead to distortion of the frequency response in the bass range.

As with all SL series speakers, Cerwin-Vega SL-8 is equipped with a tweeter with soft dome 25 mm in diameter, which is closed by the phase divider, resembling the emblem of the famous German car company. Speakers connected with a simple crossover, bringing in a minimum of signal distortion. For connection to the amplifier is provided by a pair of robust binding posts.

Cerwin-Vega SL-8 are mounted in a casing of fiberboard, reinforced with additional ties and with deep cushioning. At nominal sensitivity 89 dB speakers are designed for input power up to 150 watts, which means the ability of the SL-8 sounding very loud and ambitious, with a wide dynamic range. Speaker system are in good agreement with amps and receivers of popular brands, and is perfect for bundling stereo or as a front stereo pair home theater.

Features floor speaker Cerwin-Vega SL-8

Signature design by Cerwin-Vega
Besovic 200 mm diameter
Deep cushioning of the housing inner tie rods

Features floor speaker Cerwin-Vega SL-8

The number of bands2
The number of speakers2
Housing typethe reflex port on the rear panel
The subwoofer200 mm
Speaker RF25 mm soft dome
Frequency range32 Hz - 26000 Hz
Sensitivity89 dB
Nominal impedance 8 Ohms
Input connectorsgold plated screw
Maximum input powerup to 150 watts (peak)
Dimensions (WxHxD)249 x 256 x 762 mm
Weight12.4 kg

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