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Description outdoor Raidho acoustics X-3

Outdoor speaker system Raidho X-3 have a configuration in three bands, however, equipped with six projectors. Column is made in an elegant narrow buildings with deep internal damping, which is inclined backwards to form the necessary directional patterns. The necessary stability Raidho X-3 attach metal supports outside the area of the base and having high damping characteristics.

On the front panel of the acoustic system installed four mid-woofers with ceramic diffusers, grouped in pairs. Filters for the separation of these pairs are set with a slight shift in frequency to obtain a more uniform phase response. Between the pairs of speakers installed proprietary ribbon tweeter, which is manufactured and configured manually. Each of the emitters mounted on its own chassis, thus achieving a good mechanical isolation, so the sound of the AU turns transparent and uncolored.

Installation of the tweeter is significantly below the upper edges of the body column that has a height of 130 cm, has achieved its position at the head level of a seated listener. In the General configuration of the front panel allows to obtain a stable and natural stereo image with accurate focusing of the images in all directions.

For significant expansion of the range of reproduced bass in column Raidho X-3 is a large long tail. In order not to increase the width of the front panel, the side besovic is, however, loaded on the phase inverter, outlet of which is located on the front. In combination with fine tuning the speakers to Raidho X-3 managed to get a working feature with 30 Hz at room measurements, which is a very good indicator. Phonics confidently work out the lower octave in any musical compositions and will show her in a home cinema.

Damped housing, narrow front panel and the optimized crossover scheme provide speakers Raidho X-3 the ability to literally disappear into the sound stage. This quality is especially rare in outdoor acoustics, rarely occurs even in models of High-End, but Raidho X-3 have it to the full.

Features outdoor Raidho acoustics X-3

Proprietary ribbon tweeter made manually
WOOFER on the side panel
Four mid-woofers

Features of outdoor Raidho acoustics X-3

The number of bands3
The number of speakers6
Housing type the phase inverter on the front panel
The subwoofer8 inches, is located on the sidebar
Midrange speaker4 x 4 inch ceramic diffuser
Speaker RFribbon tweeter
Frequency range30 Hz - 50000 Hz ( /- 3dB)
Resistancemore than 6 Ohms
Frequency set the crossover150 Hz, 2050 Hz / 3000 Hz
Sensitivity88 dB
Dimensions (WxHxD)143 x 1300 x 400 mm
Weight40 kg

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