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  • Outdoor Raidho acoustics C-2.1
  • Outdoor Raidho acoustics C-2.1

Description outdoor Raidho acoustics C-2.1

Outdoor speaker system Raidho C-2.1 configuration have 2.5 stripes, and fitted with a pair of woofers with alumosilicate diffusers – the same as in the model C-1.1. These emitters, independently manufactured by Raidho company, have a number of design features. In particular, the use of round instead of one magnet, positioned behind a diffuser, ten rectangular, mounted on the circumference side of the voice coil. The latter has a push-pull design, patented by the company, and generally such a magnetic system has a very high sensitivity with minimal distortion. In addition, the open structure of the combined magnet allows you to freely pass air wave from the back side of the surface dynamics, which also positively affects the accuracy of the sound.

Speakers do not have traditional baskets, and are mounted directly on the reverse side of the thick front panel. This decision also serves to eliminate losses associated with contact between the body and a regular speaker on the front panel, and also a possible coloring of the sound by vibration. Besovic each mounted on its own section of front panel, having individual mounting, thereby providing the required mechanical isolation. The speakers feature a bass reflex design with the outlet on the rear panel.

High frequency speaker Raidho C-2.1 belt, manufactured by Raidho, the same as in polecnice C-1.1. The advantages of a ribbon tweeter dome are in front of a wider range of operating frequencies, and a more uniform radiation pattern. However, such an emitter is considerably more expensive to manufacture, therefore can be found only in the acoustics of the highest class. RF emitter is mounted directly on the back side of the upper section of the front panel, which is also mechanically isolated from the housing.

The lack of parallel walls (width of the front panel of the speaker is 200 mm, while the rear has a width of 85 mm) and special internal ties allow you to get uncolored sound even at high input power.

Features outdoor Raidho acoustics C-2.1

Reverse the bass-reflex
Basewiki with a diffuser from aluminerie
Ribbon tweeter

Features of outdoor Raidho acoustics C-2.1

Acoustic designthe phase inverter
Frequency range40 Hz to 50000 Hz ( /- 3dB)
WOOFER2х115 mm, allocable
Frequency filter sections150 Hz, 3000 Hz
Resistance4 ohms (min.)
Recommended input powermore than 50 watts
Dimensions (W x h x D)200 x 1160 x 520 mm
Weight50 kg

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