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  • Outdoor acoustics T A TCD 110 S
  • Outdoor acoustics T A TCD 110 S

Description floor speaker T A TCD 110 S

The older model T A TCD 110 S is the largest of the three abolnikov in series Criterion TCD. Its design uses acoustic labyrinth ("transmission line") of great length, formed by internal baffles and equipped with a sound absorber that transmits only the lowest frequencies. This technology provides for deep and accurate bass. Perfectly damped Cabinet weighing in at 60 kg has a massive base and glued to the main frame sidewall thickness of 30 mm, which is slightly curved to reduce the influence of diffraction of sound waves.

The port of the maze displayed in the lower part of the facade. Above it is a pair of 260 mm woofers, perfectly coordinated with the dimensions of the Cabinet and the resonance frequency of the maze. Light and stiff material the diaphragm is a combination of embossed paper and carbon fiber. Speakers provide depth and precision bass, high sound pressure level, wide dynamic range and low distortion.

Above is the block corresponding to the original concept of Constant Directivity ("constant directivity") and consisting of two 170 mm midrange drivers and located between them 25 mm fabric tweeter with horn design. This design, like the D Appolito configuration helps to expand the pattern horizontally and reduce reflections from floor and ceiling. Each speaker unit is placed in a separate chamber. Membrane MF drivers have reinforcing ribs, which eliminate parasitic resonances. The use of two mid-tones allows you to unload them at high volume levels. They provide clean natural sounding in the range from 200 to 2200 Hz.

Midrange and bass speakers received a large voice coils, powerful magnets and a cast basket in aluminium. Similar design drivers are used in top models SOLITAIRE CWT 2000.

Phonics uses the crossover FSR with a double-sided printed circuit boards and accessories of premium class. His chain is optimized for seamless sound with outstanding performance. To connect to the amplifier have 4 screw terminals.

The character of the sound T A TCD 110 S is characterized by naturalness, attention to detail and precise, focused music scene. Acoustics also has explosive action, providing the scale and strength even in very large rooms. Bass performed by her deep and fast, treble transparent and open, and the average spectrum has a high resolution and is striking in its purity.

Features floor speaker T A TCD 110 S

Acoustic labyrinth in the body construction
26 cm bass driver with paper and carbon diffusers
The maximum peak power of 330 watts
Brand crossover FSR

Features of outdoor acoustics T A TCD 110 S

The number of bands3
The number of speakers5
Housing type"transmission line" (acoustical labyrinth)
The type of tweeter25 mm tweeter speaker, silk dome diaphragm, horn clearance, a ferromagnetic fluid for cooling
The diameter and type of MF-radiator2 x 170 mm midrange driver cones with ribs, material: Greycone (carbon fiber paper), phase-equalizing aluminum bullet, cast aluminum baskets, large voice coils, massive magnets
And diameter type bass radiator2 x 260 mm long-throw woofer with paper-carbon fiber cone cast aluminum baskets and powerful magnet systems
Frequency range22 – 35000 Hz
Impedance4 Ohms
Sensitivity88 dB (1 watt/1 meter)
Rated power250 W
Peak power330 W
The crossover frequency of the crossover200/2200 Hz
Input connectors2 pairs of screw terminals
Grillmetal, mesh
Dimensions (WxHxD)360x1310x490 mm
Weight59 kg

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