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  • Outdoor acoustics T A KS 300
  • Outdoor acoustics T A KS 300

Description floor speaker T A KS 300

The flagship model of the K series of speaker systems of the company T A KS 300, is a three-way compact floor-standing speakers, height 95 cm and width 19 cm Design speakers combines a powerful aluminum body, superior radiators, crossover network from selected components auditorskaja class. Inner wall of the housing T A KS 300 is covered with special sound-absorbing material, whereby unwanted coloration of the sound at any volume the sound is minimized. Two bass speaker with 150-mm diffuser made of carbon fiber specifically for use in a KS 300, and their electrical parameters are exactly consistent with the characteristics of the shell. The mid-range speaker with 150-mm cone patented material Greycone with notches, to eliminate the internal resonances, and suspension of special construction provides a clean and uniform sound in the speaker is critical to the proper perception of music ranging from 300 to 2000 Hz.

Brand tweeter with fabric ring dome with a diameter of 35 mm has extended to 40 kHz frequency response, and has a clean, transparent and detailed sound. Due to the fact that the outlet port is located on the front panel, speakers KS 300 can be set quite close to the wall. To connect to an amplifier are two pairs of gold plated binding posts and additional stability to these rather slim AC attached outside the body on a special "paws" leg-spikes.

Column T A KS 300 is made with true German thoroughness, and attention to detail. These speakers are designed for long life in system of stock, perfectly adapted for good reproduction of music in the new HD-formats, and get along well with most modern amplifiers. Acoustic inertness of the housing in combination with optimized characteristics of the transducers and crossover network allow you to get a balanced and neutral sound throughout the frequency range, high detail and impressive stereo image.

Features floor speaker T A KS 300

Compact floor-standing speakers
The flagship model series To
Aluminum case
Bi-Wiring / Bi-Amping

Features of outdoor acoustics T A KS 300

The number of lanes3
Rated power130 W
Resistance4 Ohms
Sensitivity 86 dB
Frequency range30 Hz – 45 kHz
WOOFER2х150 mm
Midrange speaker150 mm
Tweeter35 mm
The crossover frequency of the crossover250/2200 Hz
Sizes950 x 190 x 270 mm
The dimensions of the base230 x 330 mm
Weight25 kg

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