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  • Outdoor acoustics T A Criterion TCD 210 S

Description floor speaker T A Criterion TCD 210 S

Outdoor speaker system T A Criterion TCD 210 S is equipped with increased transmission line length, which loaded on two bass speaker. These emitters with diffusers with a diameter of 22 cm have accurately matched parameters for optimal alignment with a line, allowing the speakers to reproduce deep and detailed bass. It is worth noting that the same bass dynamics are used in top AC company T A Solitaire CWT500.

In addition, these columns include a pair of midrange speakers with a diameter of 17 cm, dome tweeter placed in the earbud brand. All three of these emitter is made with a proprietary technology CD (Constant Directivity), provides uniform diagramme direction AC in the room in the MF/HF range.

Mid-range speakers designed to provide a neutral and detailed reproduction of sound in the critical range from 200 to 2000 Hz. It is in this frequency range falls the sound of the vocals on the accuracy of transfer which largely depends on the natural reproduction of musical works. The use of two mid-range speakers, in addition to expanding the beam, significantly increasing the overload capacity Criterion TCD 210 S, and expand its dynamic range. The cones of the mid-tones have a special design, greatly inhibiting their internal resonances, and are made from a patented material Greycone on the basis of wood fibres and graphite crumbs. The separation filter manufactured by the method of two-way installation by minimizing the length of conductors, components audiophile.

Acoustic casings T A Criterion TCD 210 S have deep internal damping, and not color the sound even at maximum input power. They have a double side wall – external panel with a thickness of 30 mm are bonded with a special compound, and then the whole structure is kept at high temperature. The exterior finish of the speaker is made with natural veneer of valuable wood, and black piano lacquer.

Features floor speaker T A Criterion TCD 210 S

Transmission line
Concentric tweeter/midrange driver unit
Finish natural wood veneer

Features of outdoor acoustics T A Criterion TCD 210 S

Frequency range25 Hz - 35000 Hz ( /- 3dB)
WOOFER 2 x 220 mm
Midrange speaker 2 x 170 mm
Tweeter25 mm
Resistance4 Ohm
Sensitivity88 dB
Recommended input power200 W
The tuning frequency of the filter 220/2200 Hz
Dimensions (W x h x D)300 x 1220 x 440 mm
Weight47 kg (single column)

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