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  • Outdoor acoustics Raidho C-3.1

Description floor speaker Raidho C-3.1

Three-way floor-standing speaker system Raidho C-3.1 is equipped with three bass speakers with a 115-mm cones, covered with thin layer of ceramics. To play midrange used in the columns 110-mm emitter with the same diffuser, as for the reproduction RF meets the ribbon tweeter. The high frequency radiator is mounted between the bass section and a midrange speaker that allowed us to align the directivity characteristics of the loudspeakers Raidho C-3.1 over the entire range of operating frequencies.

All the transducers used in the columns, designed and manufactured by Raidho, and have a patented design. In particular, LF and MF emitters no baskets, and their structural components are fixed on the back side of the front panel. Magnetic speakers ceramic, and is a number of rectangular magnets arranged circumferentially around the voice coil.

Each speaker in speakers Raidho C-3.1 is mounted on a separate section of the front panel, which provides the necessary mechanical separation between them. Inside the casing of this speaker is divided into several chambers, and is provided with five inverters with outlets on the rear panel. A ribbon tweeter mounted in an acoustically insulated box.

Columns have a reinforced hull with a deep internal damping, not coloring the sound even at maximum input to the power amp. The side walls of the housings Raidho C-3.1 convex, which not only gives the speaker a graceful appearance (especially with the elegant finish of natural wood with a lacquer finish) but also allows you to effectively deal with internal standing waves. Narrow front panel appearance provides the necessary AC symmetry, while solid internal volume for the full operation of the tweeters is achieved due to the great depth of the housing. The column is equipped with a simple separation filter, performed on the components audiophile, so to connect Raidho C-3.1 to the amplifier uses a single pair gold plated binding posts.

Features floor speaker Raidho C-3.1

Reverse the bass-reflex
WOOFER and midrange cones with alumosilicic
Ribbon tweeter

Features of outdoor acoustics Raidho C-3.1

Acoustic designthe phase inverter
Frequency range30 Hz - 50000 Hz ( /- 3dB)
WOOFER3х115 mm, aluminerie
Midrange speaker110 mm, aluminerie
Frequency filter sections150 Hz, 3000 Hz
Resistanceat least 3.5 Ohms
Sensitivity90 dB
Recommended input powermore than 50 watts
Dimensions (W x h x D)200 x 1160 x 520 mm
Weight65 kg

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