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Description of outdoor acoustics Penaudio Sinfonietta

the Sinfonietta is usually referred to as shorter compared to the Symphony piece that takes the limited cast of players. The same analogy can be made for example of Penaudio. I pretopology acoustics Penaudio Sinfonietta instead of two "bass players", which are available with the flagship Sinfonia, involved only one located on the side wall 260 mm WOOFER with a SEAS paper cone and four-layer coil. Yes, height she was almost two times lower than the leader line.

This is a 3.5-way 38-pound model accurately known by a narrow but quite deep (half a metre in depth) and well damped enclosure. As a material for the sidewalls is used here 19 mm birch plywood, and all the other sides of the Cabinet is made of 22 mm MDF with birch veneer finish. Column mounted on the base, consisting of two plates. In the lower plate screwed into the studs.

Applied exactly the same 29mm SEAS Crescendo tweeter with fabric dome, which was used in top-end acoustics. It Hexadym magnet system consists of six spaced around the circumference of neodymium magnets, which are well ventilated. Cooling is provided by a ferromagnetic fluid. The network covers the band from 4400 Hz up to the upper edge of the frequency response. Under him are two 145 mm midrange/WOOFER-emitter with Golden bullets patvirtinta. Band dynamics is limited to the lower mark in the 85 and 200 Hz, and the upper voices range from 200 to 4400 Hz. In fact, the front panel is a full 2.5-poloznik and side woofer adds the third lane. This design provides the most consistent and cohesive sound. Bass / midrange speakers have their own internal compartment with aluminum reflex port displayed in the faceplate. A low-frequency transducer had a separate handset port on the back.

At the rear there are two terminals WBT 0702.12 coated with platinum. Involved in crossover high-quality Mundorf polypropylene capacitors and non-core coils are Jantzen.

the Sound of Penaudio Sinfonietta differs smooth, fluid and open nature. The attention paid to the smallest detail. The sound is not tied to the speakers, the stage is wide and volume, bass is detailed and deep.

features of outdoor acoustics Penaudio Sinfonietta

a 3.5-way design, the woofer in the side panel
Case made of laminated birch plywood and MDF
Dynamics of the SEAS
the Exact choice of cut-off frequencies of the crossover

features of outdoor acoustics Penaudio Sinfonietta

Number of bands3,5
Number of speakers4
enclosure Typebass reflex, two aluminum port, one located on the front wall and the second on the rear side
tweeter29 mm SEAS with fabric dome and a cooling ferromagnetic liquid, Hexadym magnet system
Diameter and type of midrange/treble emitterstwo custom 145 mm midrange/bass driver, SEAS Excel soft reinforced rubber hangers;#& magnetic system with T-shaped pole piece and mounted thereon by means of shading rings copper
the Diameter and type bass radiatorsingle 260mm SEAS woofer with paper cone and four-layer voice coil
frequency Range in an anechoic chamber30 – 30000 Hz (± 3 dB)
Range of frequencies in a normal room20 - 25,000 Hz
Sensitivity86 dB (2,83 V/1 m)
nominal impedance4 Ohm
Frequency bands85 Hz/200 Hz/4400 Hz
Required power amplifier50 W
Input terminalsone pair of high quality WBT terminals 0702.12
Grillcloth with magnets
dimensions (WxHxD)180 x 1095 x 557 mm (without stand)
300 x 585 x 1095 mm (with stand)
Weight38 kg (single column)
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