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  • Outdoor acoustics Penaudio Sinfonia
  • Outdoor acoustics Penaudio Sinfonia
  • Outdoor acoustics Penaudio Sinfonia
  • Outdoor acoustics Penaudio Sinfonia
  • Outdoor acoustics Penaudio Sinfonia

Description of outdoor acoustics Penaudio Sinfonia

Uncompromising audio. Clarity and honesty in every note, natural transmission of voices, the full range of emotions, undistorted. Like Sinfonia transports the listener into a hall, on stage, in the Studio – in the heart of the playing of music or scene of the movie.

"This is a speaker system that was on my mind for several years. Now I can see and hear her. It has everything I could want from the speakers. It was like writing an artistic masterpiece. You draw it in your imagination, but you can't create a magic moment. You need to invest years of work and a lot of soul to make it happen. Penaudio Sinfonia – a work of art... physically, sonically and musically".

Tall, elegant 172-cm columns weigh 72 pounds each. The speaker system has a 3.5-way configuration and housing with bass-reflex port which is displayed on the front panel. Seas tweeter with fabric dome with a diameter of 29 mm and a hexagonal magnetic system. The voice coil gap of tweeters filled cooling peroidically that provides reliable work in conditions of high input power.

Two midrange 145 mm speaker mounted under the Seas tweeter, which is caused by the desire of developers to get the classic pattern AC. In addition, these speakers are working in different ranges of frequencies - lower from 80 to 200 Hz, and the upper from 200 to 4400 Hz.

The mid-tones are equipped with diffusers, mounted on rubber suspension with radial reinforcing ribs to reduce distortion. T-shaped magnets in the speakers have an additional copper ring, levelling the field.

To maintain the slimness of the silhouette of columns and thus providing really deep bass two large 260 mm nizkochastotnykh Seas is located on the side panel Penaudio Sinfonia. They have paper cones and 4-layer voice coil, whereby they have a high sensitivity and accurately work out the fastest and a slight change in the audio signal. The speakers are connected to the separation filter is made of audiophile grade components. For connection to the amplifier is a pair of high quality WBT terminals 0702.12.

Features of outdoor acoustics Penaudio Sinfonia

A 3.5-way configuration
Housing made of birch plywood and MDF with separate sections
Dynamics Of The Seas
Audiophile components

Features of outdoor acoustics Penaudio Sinfonia

The number of bands3,5
The number of speakers5
Housing typethe phase inverter on the front panel
The subwoofer2 x 260 mm, the cone of impregnated paper produced Seas
Midrange speaker2 x 145 mm, made Seas
Speaker RF29 mm fabric dome, made Seas
Frequency range28 Hz - 30000 Hz ( /- 3dB)
Sensitivity87 dB
Nominal impedance 4 Ohms
Recommended amplifier power rating willmore than 50 watts
The frequency settings of the film80, 200, 4400 Hz
CaseChipboard (22 mm), birch plywood (19 mm)
Input connectorsWBT 0702.12
Dimensions (WxHxD)180 x 1765 x 557 mm (without stand)
300 x 1765 x 585 mm (with stand)
Net weight53 kg (piece)

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