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Description of outdoor acoustics Penaudio Sara S

Several years of computation, testings and improvements allowed Penaudio to achieve harmony and to fully realize your signature sound concept in this speaker system. Sara S plays are balanced, verified and stable, maintaining a minimum level of distortion even at high volume. The briskness of the columns allows them to subtly convey the emotions of the reproduced material, and in combination with neutral tonal balance delivers accurate and detailed sound in any genre. The dynamics of Sara's is a noble and neat, which is characteristic of all creations Penaudio. Oh, with what attention and dedication the developer has approached this model is the fact that he called it after his daughter.

Penaudio Sara S is a 2.5-way floor system in the housing with bass reflex design, soft 30-mm dome tweeter and two high-145-mm bass speakers Seas Excel. One of bazovica plays MF and LF ranges, the second adds power low-frequency part of the spectrum. Their white diffusers made of magnesium and is equipped with brass "bullets", which prevents the phase offset and the resonances in the cones of the speakers. Channel separation is ensured, traditionally for Penaudio, high quality filters, made of high-grade components, including polypropylene capacitors and inductors with air core.

In the best traditions of corporate identity, Sara's body is made of laminated birch plywood, with amazing acoustic qualities. The speakers have a very recognizable appearance, in the first place - thanks to the front panels resembling the end of a very thick plywood plate. On the rear panel is a bass reflex port and one pair of high quality WBT binding posts. Exterior finish Penaudio Sara S can be done with natural veneer four varieties. Also the model comes in a black finish and white lacquer. The speaker system is completed with massive support platforms that are recommended to be installed on special spikes or cones for the purpose of damping unwanted vibrations.

Features of outdoor acoustics Penaudio Sara S

The reflex port on the rear panel
Custom dynamics Seas and Wavecor
This eye-catching finish

Features of outdoor acoustics Penaudio Sara S

The number of bands2,5
The number of speakers3
Frequency range45 Hz – 28 kHz
Sensitivity87 dB
Resistance4 Ohm
Frequency crossover300, 4000 Hz
Housing typevented, aluminum round port, is situated on the rear wall of the Cabinet
The type of tweeterWavecor 30 mm cloth dome
The diameter and type of midrange/treble radiator2 x 145 mm driver SEAS
Grillfabric magnets
Dimensions165 x 1005 x 317 mm (without stand)
1005 x 245 x 345 mm (with stand)
Net weight20 kg (single column)

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