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Description of outdoor acoustics Penaudio Sara

The task of the Finnish company Penaudio was to make this 2.5-way acoustics as compact as possible and not to lose the characteristic signature handwriting, which is characterized by large-scale natural sound and deep volumetric scene.

Penaudio Sara is the lower step in the range of abolnikov, but, nevertheless, for its development took about 3 years, indicating a serious approach to the Penaudio quality of its products. The height of the columns greater than 1 meter and a width of only 165 mm. the Cabinet is made in Finland and superbly damped, and the quality of the material used laminated birch plywood thickness 22 mm. and 16 the Model is set on a massive double plate, which is screwed into the studs. The aluminum tube of the phase inverter is located on the rear side of the housing. On the back wall there are only two terminals – the terminals are high quality WBT 0780.

In the front panel features two 5.5-inch midrange/WOOFER driver is widely known among the audiophile company SEAS, diffusers which is made of specially impregnated paper. One of these speakers covers the frequency range up to 300 Hz, and the rest of the band up to 5000 Hz assumes the second driver. Above them there is a 3/4-inch tweeter (model 19TFF1 SEAS, the Prestige series) with a fabric diaphragm and voice coil, which is cooled with ferrofluid.

Internal wiring made of copper cable company Jorma Design. In the separating filters are applied polypropylene SCR capacitors and inductors Graditech without cores. The cutoff frequency of the crossover is designed quite intelligently. Despite the relatively even impedance of these speakers, it is advisable not to skimp on the amp and focus on high-current models. Acoustic system demanding their installation in the room because the back of the location of the reflex port. Design and decoration with natural texture have a pronounced environmental focus, so Sara would be up to enjoying at the moment, the popularity of the interiors in the style of ecological minimalism.

Acoustics Penaudio Sara has a quick, moderately deep, rhythmic and well-articulated bass, which is not often seen in napolnih this size. The overall character of the sound is characterized by the absence of color, the naturalness, of moderate detail and attention to the shades and nuances of the music fabric. Also of note is the excellent tonal balance, natural timbres and very good agreement between speakers.

Features of outdoor acoustics Penaudio Sara

The dynamics of the company's SEAS
Laminated birch plywood as the material of the housing
Polypropylene capacitors and coils without cores in the crossover
Full-bodied sound in spite of small dimensions

Features of outdoor acoustics Penaudio Sara

The number of bands2,5
The number of speakers3
Housing typebass reflex, located in the rear of the aluminum alloy columns with a bass port
The type of tweeter3/4-inch SEAS Prestige series 19TFF1 with fabric dome
The diameter and type of midrange/treble emitterstwo 5.5-inch midrange/bass driver from SEAS paper cones impregnated
The frequency range in anechoic chamber50 – 28000 Hz (± 3 dB)
The range of frequencies in a normal room35 - 25000 Hz
Sensitivity88 dB (2,83 V/1 m)
Nominal impedance4 Ohms
The frequency bands300 Hz/5000 Hz
The required power amplifier30 W
Input connectorshigh quality one pair of terminals WBT 0780
Additionallyblack grills are included
Dimensions (WxHxD)165x1030x240 mm
Weight20 kg (single column)

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