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Description of outdoor acoustics Penaudio Rebel Four

Penaudio Rebel Four different the widest frequency range in its line. The size and resolution of woofers are second only to top-end models: they play 30 Hz, and each power adds a narrow phase inverter, located on the bottom of the rear panel.

Midrange speaker located in a separate chamber with its own phase inverter. This is one of the modern solutions in Hi-End acoustics, allowing not to lose the briskness when playing middle lane. And thanks to high-quality filter of the first order, almost the entire mid-frequency range left on midrange dynamics.

Penaudio Rebel Four - solid system with a solid housing and modern finishes, as well as the first three-band model of the firm in which besovic is located on the front panel, which simplifies the placement of the speakers in the room.

The system embodies the signature sound Pentilla Themselves and certainly have the liking of those who sympathized with the Finnish brand. At most it shows his character, playing a calm, measured music. Soft, almost milky sounding Four Rebel conjures up images of fog, stands over mossy lakes in the North woods.

Founder and chief designer of Penaudio Themselves Pentilla: "This speaker system differs from our other models. Rebel Four is a classic tri-band model, loaded, like all our models, on fazoinvertor. It is not so compact as all our models, but still it is quite legible style Penaudio. Our main ideas was to create acoustics that will sound good when you play in rooms of 25 to 50 m2 and give great dynamics. So we equipped her 145 mm midrange speaker and a 220 mm bufferop. Due to the extended corpus, we have tried to satisfy lovers of classic three-band systems with a large and open sound".

Features of outdoor acoustics Penaudio Rebel Four

The number of bands3
The number of speakers3
Housing typebass reflex
Tweeter22 mm
Midrange/low-frequency transducer145 mm
Low-frequency transducer220 mm
Frequency range30 – 26000 Hz (± 3 dB)
Sensitivity88 dB (2,83 V/1 m)
Nominal impedance8 Ohms
The frequency bands200 Hz 4400 Hz
Grillfabric magnets
Dimensions (W x h x D)240 x 1000 x 310 mm (without stand)
240 x 1055 x 325 mm (with stand)

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