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  • Outdoor acoustics Monitor Audio Gold 200
  • Outdoor acoustics Monitor Audio Gold 200
  • Outdoor acoustics Monitor Audio Gold 200

Description floor speaker Monitor Audio Gold 200

Speaker system Monitor Audio Gold 200 is a low 3-band napolenic in a new series Gold. The model uses the technology of the previous series Gold GX which have been revised and improved. Also apply some design solutions line Platinum.

Napolnit has a more compact body than the flagship 300 Gold. Transverse and radial internal spacers allow you to make the Cabinet more inert, and as a material used MDF thickness 20 mm. Curved sidewalls prevent the formation of standing waves, increase rigidity of the chassis and improve its antideflection properties. The pipe of the phase inverter installed in the lower part of the back wall. Used HiVe II technology, which reduces the turbulence of the exhaust air stream. The result is improved transient response, and bass becomes more dense. Cast in the base of the Monitor Audio Gold 200, consisting of two parts, screwed spikes or rubberized supports.

The model uses fully optimized transducers. The ribbon tweeter has a more strict tolerances, and its light a thin membrane made of a material C-CAM (aluminum-magnesium alloy with ceramic coating), allowing you to reach the upper limit of the frequency response at 60 kHz, which is important for HD. The tweeters of both speakers are carefully selected for maximum compatibility.

4 inch midrange speaker has its own Cabinet. For the transmission of long-throw bass uses a pair of 5.5" bass radiators. All speakers received a C-CAM cone and also use the technology RST, according to which on their surface are applied to the prints round shape that helps to increase the stiffness of the diaphragm and lower distortion.

All the transducers isolated from the facade and is rigidly secured by means of bolts connecting the back part with the rear wall of the Cabinet, which contributes to the damping. To protect the grill cloth is used with a magnetic mount.

In the lower part of the rear panel is a moulded plate with four gold plated terminals, with which you can organize the "biwiring" or "biamping". In chains crossover high-quality components are used: air coils, polypropylene film capacitors, etc. For internal wiring and jumpers terminal is applied silvered Pureflow Silver cable.

Features floor speaker Monitor Audio Gold 200

Perfectly damped Cabinet with curved sides
Ribbon tweeter with a diaphragm of C-CAM
Technology RST drivers for the midrange driver and woofers
Technology HiVe II bass reflex port

Features of outdoor acoustics Monitor Audio Gold 200

The number of bands3
The number of speakers4
Housing typebass reflex port at the rear of the Cabinet, the HiVe II technology
The type of tweeterribbon tweeter with membrane C-CAM
The diameter and type of MF-radiator4" midrange driver with a diffuser from C-CAM and RST technology, cast basket
And diameter type bass radiator2 x 5.5" WOOFER driver material drivers: C-CAM, RST technology, cast basket
Frequency range35 Hz – 60 kHz
Sensitivity89 dB (1 W/1 m)
Nominal impedance8 Ohms
Maximum sound pressure level114,5 dB
Power150 W
Recommended amplifier power rating will100 – 150 watts
The crossover frequency400 Hz to 2.6 kHz
Input connectorstwo pairs of gold plated binding posts
Grillfabric, removable, magnetic fastening
Dimensions Cabinet (WxHxD)170x951x300 mm
The size of the body, including the terminals, the base and spikes (WxHxD)274х995х370 mm
Weight22,2 kg

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