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Description floor acoustic Davis Acoustics Stentaure L. E.

Needless to say that professional concert speaker system was always superior to their "home" younger brothers on such parameters as the speed of sound, dynamic range and sound pressure. But the detail and the quality of the recorded material is significantly lost. And even if a parameter such as the naturalness, detail and low bass for the end listener had a secondary role in the home professional acoustics to apply it was simply impossible. This is because of the size of the speaker, and the unit for the proposed installation.

Having an idea about it and examining different trends and principles of formation of sound in the professional audio sector, the company's engineers Davis Acoustics decided to create a speaker system that would connect in itself the best of two worlds. High detail, amazing dynamic range, compact size (compared to the older brothers of professional direction) - all Davis Acoustics Stentaure L. E.

The design of this repeats previous acoustics experience in building loudspeakers of high class. Case Stentaure L. E is made of MDF panels, side walls which are rounded to avoid standing waves. Acoustic design speakers - bass reflex port, and the port is, as usual, on the front panel for ease of installation and to avoid such spurious phenomena as the buzz.

The tweeter is decorated in the mouthpiece. That in turn allows to achieve a very light, incredibly detailed sound they are working out at the register. Bass speakers have paper cones and very large move. Together this solution allows acoustics Davis Acoustics Stentaure L. E significantly expand the reproducible frequency range. High sensitivity says about the unpretentiousness of acoustics to gain, even a tube single-ended amplifier.

Special attention is given to issues such as universality. It is no secret that finding a universal system, which obvious could easily play both classical music and jazz improvisation, and this complex in all respects like metal, alternative and many other areas in which the amount of information for the listener rolls over, very, very difficult. Now, Davis Acoustics Stentaure L. E. will help the listener in. This system can easily cope with almost any direction of music and will give many hours of pleasure and pleasant emotions, and most importantly, will delight and surprise with each listen more and more.

Features of outdoor acoustics Davis Acoustics Stentaure L. E.

Acoustic designThe phase inverter
Rated power120 Watt
Maximum power180 Watt
The number of lanes2
Sensitivity95 dB
Frequency range40 - 20000 Hz
Minimal resistance4 Ohm
Frequency section3000 Hz
Speaker RF25 mm, horn
Speakers woofers2 x 170 mm
Dimensions1000 x 200 x 310 mm (h x W x D)
Weight19 Kg

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