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Description floor acoustic Davis Acoustics MV One

Outdoor speaker systems Davis Acoustics MV One are unique in its class. Speakers have no crossover and are equipped with proprietary broadband 20De88 speaker with a diffuser of a diameter of 222 mm. dynamics of the Magnetic system is made of Alnico alloy, which ensures high efficiency and wide dynamic range. To extend the range of frequencies in the RF field of the Central part of the diffuser is made of metal. Special notches on the diffuser can effectively suppress spurious vibrations that can cause sound coloration.

Speakers include a single broadband emitter have a certain popularnosti among audiophiles around the world. The lack of crossover in the way of a sound signal, the radiation of all frequencies from one point provide acoustic-based systems with full-range speakers clear, accurate sound and stereo image expressive. Of course, that the radiators of this type have some drawbacks: in particular, this limited frequency range. Engineers Davis Acoustics has been successfully addressed this issue, and speakers Davis Acoustics MV One reproduce sound in the range from 40 Hz to 20 kHz -3 dB, which corresponds to the characteristics of the conventional multiband AC.

Speakers made in cases of thick MDF, reinforced with a special screed. Dynamic loaded on the phase inverter, the outlet slit which is displayed in the bottom of the front panel. This enables efficient use of the total internal volume of the housing and at the same time allows you to place your speakers anywhere in the listening room. Speakers mounted on a massive base, and exterior trim are made of a natural wood veneer.

Speaker systems Davis Acoustics MV One have high sensitivity and stable 8 Ohm impedance, due to the presence of just one speaker without the crossover. This allows to recommend to use these speakers in conjunction with single-ended amplifiers audiophile class, including low-power tube.

Features floor acoustic Davis Acoustics MV One

Proprietary full-range speaker (no crossover)
Stabilnosti throughout the range of frequency response
Slotted bass reflex port on the front panel

Features of outdoor acoustics Davis Acoustics MV One

Frequency range40 Hz - 20000 Hz ( /- 3dB)
Accommodation outdoor
Housing typeslotted bass reflex port on the front panel
Speakerbroadband 20De8, 222 mm
Input power100 - 150 watts
Resistance8 Ohms
Sensitivity94 dB
Dimensions (WxHxD)270 x 1000 x 500 mm
Weight28 kg

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