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  • Outdoor acoustics Davis Acoustics Karla
  • Outdoor acoustics Davis Acoustics Karla
  • Outdoor acoustics Davis Acoustics Karla

Description floor acoustic Davis Acoustics Karla

For anybody not a secret that France and in particular the capital of this state Paris, is one of the first places in the world that managed to preserve its cultural heritage, as well as almost all historic buildings during the Second world war. A mixture of Gothic, Oriental, Roman leave an unforgettable impression after his visit. We can tell a lot about this wonderful place, a city in the Central part of the European continent, but it is better to turn to special direction that no one suspects.

Davis Acoustics is a company founded in 1986 and located East of Paris, at a very great distance in a place called Troyes (Troyes). Under the leadership of engineer Michel Visan (Michel VISAN) it began its existence in a very small squad, only 3 people. The direction in which she worked and works to this day - is the creation of high quality dynamic drivers (speakers) and acoustic systems Hi-Fi and High End class. The line-up of speakers includes a variety of models of various configurations and for various applications at home and in cars, and even a built speaker for flush mounting in hollow walls or ceiling.

In 2010, the company released top-end model of the acoustic system under the name of Davis Acoustics Karla. It is a massive three-way outdoor loudspeaker, made in the form of two-piece construction. The LF link is a "push-pull" system consisting of two speakers in bass reflex acoustic design. HF/MF section is also represented in the design of the phase inverter. All heads used in this system have diffusori from precomposing fiber (carbon/Kevlar) that reduces the distortion when playing music due to the lightness and stiffness is very large diffusers. This, in turn, allows acoustics to share with the listener without a trace in all possible colours and details of your favorite music, not hiding and not masking even the smallest details of the works and representing them in all its splendor, bewitching, and not allowing to be distracted from listening for a minute.

Production technology speakers in the history of the company has undergone many changes, modifications and revisions, allowing for the moment to produce drivers with very high repeatability and accuracy as settings and playback. And this, in turn, allows you to "Carl" to share not only the details and tones in the sound, but at the same time to deploy in front of the listener STAGGERING depth and scale of the scene. Localization of instruments in space is so obvious that listening to music with my eyes open, it's hard to believe that a mere pair of acoustic systems, and that it plays acoustics, can't believe it either. Closing his eyes, the full width and depth of the room can you imagine a huge amphitheatre, where you can not only learn to feel where each of the musicians, but everything else to know whether he is playing or sitting.

Complementing all the above, we note the playback speed of music, the rhythmic component and astounding dynamic range of the system. Clear harmonious sound of all the tools, fast, detailed and timely processing of vocals (both male and female) are striking naturalness not only hearing, but also the whole body of the listener.

Features of outdoor acoustics Davis Acoustics Karla

Acoustic designA phase inverter for HF/MF section, PUSH–PULL System for the LF link
Minimal resistance4 Ohm
Frequency section90/4000 Hz
Rated power200 Watt
Maximum power300 Watt
The number of lanes3
Sensitivity93 dB
Frequency range25 - 35000 Hz
Speaker RF19 mm, hybrid Kevlar diffuser
Midrange dynamics210 mm, with Kevlar cone, long-stroke and 19 mm voice coil
Speakers woofers2 x 200 mm, with a carbon fiber diffuser
Dimensions1330 x 340 x 640 mm (h x W x D)
Weight160 Kg

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