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Description floor acoustic Davis Acoustics Cesar HD

When the body height a little more than meters, outdoor speaker systems Davis Acoustics Cesar HD is capable of high quality voice quite a large room. Speakers made in cases with a relatively wide front panel that makes them look a bit old-fashioned, but at the same time very attractive to many music lovers with the experience. The speakers are trehvalentnoe configuration and is equipped with bass reflex design, the outlet of which is displayed on the front panel.

Bass speaker has a cone diameter of 25 cm, which is made from cellulose. This lightweight and rigid cone which drives the dual magnetic system from ferrite, is able to pump quite large volumes of air, and thus quickly and accurately respond to changes in a musical signal. The speaker is loaded on the inner chamber volume of 60 liters, isolated from the rest of AC. Mid-frequency driver 165 mm diameter with Kevlar diffuser, resistant to vibrations and parasitic resonances. The speaker has a dust-proof phase equalizing cap in the shape of a bullet which provides a uniform radiation pattern and exact matching with WOOFER and tweeter-suchthese.

Developing tweeter for speaker systems Davis Acoustics Cesar HD, the company's engineers decided to abandon the traditional membrane in the shape of a dome in favor of a cone of the diaphragm. Experiments with different materials used for the manufacture of the diaphragm showed that the best choice in this case would be Kevlar. In the result there was a tweeter with extended up to 35 kHz frequency range with extremely low distortion. Therefore, the company recommends Davis Acoustics Cesar HD use the speakers to listen to audio in the new HD-formats, as they are able to fully unlock the potential sound quality of these recordings.

Use speakers with guaranteed specifications made it possible to equip a simple system of acoustic separation filters, making almost no distortion in the audio signal and has fixed impedance.

Features floor acoustic Davis Acoustics Cesar HD

Massive construction weighing 40 kg with wide front panel
WOOFER 25 cm diameter cellulose
Kevlar cone tweeter with extended range RF

Features of outdoor acoustics Davis Acoustics Cesar HD

The number of bands3
The number of speakers3
Housing typethe phase inverter on the front panel
The subwoofer250 mm, diffuser made of cellulose
Midrange speaker165 mm, diffuser made of Kevlar
Speaker RFthe Kevlar cone, 20mm voice coil
Frequency range35 Hz - 35000 Hz
Sensitivity92 dB
Nominal impedance 4 Ohms (minimum)
The tuning frequency of the filter250/3500 Hz
Input power150 W (nominal), 250 watts (maximum)
Dimensions (WxHxD)350 x 1020 x 420 mm
Weight40 kg

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