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Photos and specs AV-receiver Onkyo TX-SR703

AV-receiver Onkyo TX-SR703The company Onkyo loves to develop technologies for improving sound quality and patenting them under mysterious reductions. Amplifier built here on "broadband" technology WRAT, transformer supplied with the abbreviation H.C.P.S. (high current power supply), and the audio path is called a vector linear signal processing (VLSC). Harmoniously complements the list logo THX Select. In General, it was very interesting to find out how all these engineering solutions and regalia will justify itself. Many of our experts reasonably believe is ideal as simple as possible constructive solutions.The traditional program of the sound field inherent in decoders Dolby Digital, DTS and Pro Logic II supplemented by five THX modes and many proprietary options DSP. EQ memory the result of regulation for each channel, lets bring together heterogeneous column timbre colouring sound. The video signal is converted only composite to S-Video, component signal is switched unchanged.Auto configuration with the supplied microphone relieves the customer from the difficulties associated with the installation. The rest of the settings are easy to adjust using the on-screen menu system, not burdened with the graphics, but simple and logical. The remote is very convenient; only a little confused by a joystick, which is not as easy to adapt. The owner of the video projector will please highlight all the buttons.So, what are the results listening? In conjunction with CD player the device showed themselves well. After such a successful start we thought cinema soundtracks will be played simply excellently, but our expectations were fulfilled not in all. The panorama was wide, scale effects were kept, but localization was not quite accurate, especially when working with blockbusters. The result is due, apparently, the disadvantages of internal decoders. However, the movies with a calm course of the story he speaks perfectly. Amateur large-scale militants we would advise to connect to this receiver outdoor speakers with sensitivity above average and equip the system of quality subwoofer.

Rear panel.

Remote control.

Fig.1. Frequency Response

One of the most powerful receivers - 143 watts per channel at the declared 105 watts. True, and CED him the highest - on half power reaches 0,04%. The frequency response shows imperfect picture at high frequencies, which affects the musicality of the receiver in General. Damping factor 50 also cannot be attributed to his strengths, and picture sharing of channels produces altogether strange impression. For Dolby Digital interpenetration was only 39 + 2 dB., the lowest value on the test. DTS-decoder works a little better (53±5 dB), but this figure is very far from ideal, especially considering the variation. Against this background, the figures 7.1-log look good, what makes you think a DVD player with good on-Board decoder. However, this connection allows you to get some functional limitations. The sensitivity of the tuner is also the lowest in the test (4,2 Laq) being not very high signal-to-noise ratio 65 dB).
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