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Photos and specs AV-receiver Marantz SR5600

AV-receiver Marantz SR5600

In terms of price/quality SR5600 considered one of the most successful models of the company. Usually the apparatus Marantz have a good musicianship, but are, to put it mildly, not cheap. However, this model, which came to replace the well-accepted by the customers and critics receiver SR5500, not yielding to competitors on equipment that is in our selection of one of the most affordable. The building is executed in black and silver variant colors. Color "champagne" is not provided, although many of the components Marantz are available in it. By design, the device is practically no different from other receivers Marantz similar price group. A set of inputs/outputs poor - no HDMI or any digital input signal with SACD or DVD-Audio, but otherwise blame SR5600 not for that.

A set of decoders is impressive: in addition to the standard Dolby Digital EX, DTS ES and DPLIIx present Dolby Headphones and corporate Circle Surround. A marked difference from the previous (SR5500) model - HDCD decoder. Synchronization with video simplified thanks to LipSync (the user enters a delay between video and audio). Digital to analogue conversion is performed by the processor 192kHz/24-Bit, and as the DSP performs 32-bit chip from Cirrus Logic. The video Converter allows you when you connect to your TV to do one (component) bus.

The company's system AutoConfig sound strange to our ears name MRAC in this unit application not found. Therefore, the setup has to be done manually. However, good ergonomics controls and intuitive OSD task seriously simplify. The remote control is programmed, the layout of keys, though not ideal, but you get used to it easily.

Unobtrusive, similar to the analog audio Marantz certainly impresses. In stereo CD traditionally complex area for receivers - model surpasses most in their price range and can easily be compared with high-quality two-channel amplifiers. In terms of functionality it has Negotino to the "ceiling" in this price category. But is it important? Our advice - always listen to this model. Those who use home cinema not only to view the film, is unlikely to remain indifferent to SR5600.

Rear panel.

Remote control.

Fig.1. Frequency Response

This unit is divided with Onkyo first place in the measured power - 143 watts per channel at the claimed 90 W! In combination with a record (89%) damping ratio that makes the device is compatible with virtually any acoustics, This is especially important when upgrading the system, when the receiver has to match to the existing speakers. Another advantage over the competition is very low THD. Figure 0,006% on half power is the best in the test. Tone controls are practically ideal frequency response is minimal. Built-in decoders command respect. First, the absolute values of the interpenetration (59 dB for Dolby Digital, 60 dB for DTS) they yield only decoders Denon'and, secondly, large enough symmetry (irregularity less than 2 dB), thirdly, the emphasis shifted somewhat in the area of the rear (less "dangerous" option). Tuner very good signal-to-noise 66 dB and sensitivity of 1.6 mV provide for quality radio.

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