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Photos and specs AV-receiver Denon AVR-X3100W Black


Amplifier Features
S Type 7 channel amplifier
Power at the 6th, 1 kHz, THD 0,7%
The front right / left 135 W + 135 W
Center 135 W
The rear right / left 135 W + 135 W
Power into 8 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz, 0.05%
The front right / left 105 W to 105 W
Center 105 W
The rear right / left 105 W to 105 W
Discrete Amplifier
A large aluminum heatsink optimized for sound
Frequency range 10 Hz - 100 kHz
Power Supply
Transformer with damper
Dual Rectifier
Independent power supplies 6

Audio Formats
Dolby TrueHD
Dolby Pro Logic II (incl. Pro Logic I Emulation) 96 kHz Processing (analog / PCM)
Dolby Pro Logic IIx (Cinema, Music, Game)
Dolby Pro Logic IIz
DTS Neo: 6 Cinema & DTS-Neo: 6 Music: 96-kHz Processing (analog / PCM)
DTS 96/24
Audyssey DSX

Cinema Equalizer
Virtual-Surround (headphones / speakers)
DSP Programs 7
Multichannel Stereo: 5CH- / 6CH- / 7CH-Stereo

Digital Converters
D / A converter 24-bit / 192-kHz
A / D converter 24-bit / 96-kHz
Digital Interface Receiver (DIR) 24-bit / 192-kHz

Auto Room EQ with Audyssey MultEQ XT-PRO
Correction of the room acoustics in time and frequency domain
Audyssey Dynamic EQ
Audyssey Dynamic Volume (3 Modes: Midnight, Evening, Day)
Ready for Audyssey MultEQ Pro Calibration
personal settings / Auto Surround
Backlight 4-step (light, middle, dark, off)
Direct Mode
The volume level when you turn on (the latter ---, 1 dB step)
The chassis is designed for high-volume playback
High-quality components
Crossover frequency low-pass / high-pass 40/60/80/90/100/110/120/150/200/250 Hz
The terminals for the speaker (for 4mm contacts) all speakers
Audio Delay (Lip Sync) (0-200 ms)
Adjusting the analog input yes
Customized 4
Renaming user settings (max. 16 characters)
Switching function video inputs
Setup Wizard for easy installation: Advanced with pictures (7 languages)
Simple operation, GUI (graphical user interface)
GUI overlay on HD-sources

Remote control
Remote Control RC-1184
Installation / training: yes / no
Illuminating Keys No
Macro function no

iPod®- Functionality
iPod functionality (with the module ASD-11R)
- Control Interface from Remote
- Audio Playback
- Photo Playback
- Control Interface from Menu
- On Screen Display

Streaming from Media Server (PC, NAS)
- DLNA certified
- Audio Streaming format: MP3, WMA (DRM), AAC (not DRM), FLAC, WAV
- Photo Streming format: JPEG
- Slide show
- Slide show with music
- Displays Album Artwork
Network Party Mode
Web Control / Setup
- Via web browser / PDA
- Save / Load the configuration from the PC
Sleep Timer
HDMI-Version 1.4a
- Input the 5 + 1 front
- Output 2
- Max. resolution 1080p (24,50,60 Hz) + 4k-
- Deep Colour (30, 36 Bit)
- Xv.YCC
3D Pass-Through
- Frame Packing
- Side-by-Side
- Top-Bottom
Video Signal processing
Analog -> HDMI
- Converting
- I / p
- Progressive Mode: Auto, Video1, Video2
- Scaler: up to 4k
- Video EQ
Video-Signal processing
- I / p & Scaler: up to 4k
- Progressive Mode: Auto, Video1, Video2
- Video EQ
Auto Lip Sync
HDMI CEC compatible
Audio Return Channel (ARC)

Digital Inputs optical / coaxial (freely assignable) 2/2
Analog audio inputs: 6 (including 1 front)
Analog audio vshody: 1
Preamp Outputs: 7.2ch / Zone2
Composite video inputs: 3
Component video 2
HDMI Inputs: 6 + 1 front.
HDMI Outputs: 2 (synchronous)
Front A / V Input: Audio (L / R), Video, USB, HDMI
headphone output (6.3 mm Jack)
iPod®-Interface (newer iPod Dock Control for ASD-11R / 51N / 51W)
USB interface for USB Memory Sticks and USB players: 1 (Front)

Multi Room / Home Automation
Multi Room / Home Automation (Main, Zone2)
Supports additional zone
- Control: Source / Volume
- Audio
Surround Back power amp assignable for Multi Room (configurable)
Ethernet Connection
- For Media streaming
- For PC (PC-Control)

RDS / Radio Text /
Memory of stations 56
tuner off when other sources
Internet Radio: Preset 3
Supported Format: MP3, WMA
Additional Information
Restore compressed audio files
3D pass-through technology
Supports HDMI 1.4 with 3D, Deep Color, "XVCOLOR"
6 x HDMI in / 1 x HDMI out (Repeater)
Fully discrete, identical quality and power for all 7 channels (135 W x 7ch)
Stable power supply for high-quality sound and picture playback
High-definition audio support, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio
Stereo Mini Jack on front panel lets you connect any portable audio player
Connector for IPod and Internet
It comes with a simple, easy-to-use remote control
Low power consumption in standby 0.1W
All terminals for connecting the speakers fitted to a thick speaker cables
Dimensions (WxHxD) 435x167x379 mm
Colour: Black
Weight 10.7 kg

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