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The basis of the architecture of a new line of receivers incorporated technology, used on high-end AV-receivers previous series, taking into account modern realities. Opens a series of 7.2-Channel Network Receiver AVR-X1100W, each channel of the integrated amplifier which is able to deliver power of 145 watts, thanks to the perfect engineering developments Denon and many years of experience in designing and manufacturing audio components. All this provides a natural, powerful, well-controlled, full of subtle details, sound. With built-in wireless module to easily connect to your home Wi-Fi network or connect via Bluetooth to play content from compatible devices. Intuitive menus and user-friendly Setup Wizard makes the receiver easy to install and use. Internet radio will give you access to thousands of radio stations around the world. The model has a surprisingly powerful range of useful functionality for its price range.
4K Ultra HD 60 Hz; 4: 4: 4 Pure Color. Through subsampling 6 HDMI inputs allow you to connect to the AVR-X1100W various sources of audio and video signals via HDMI. Inputs Blu-ray and Game supports 4K Ultra HD resolution with a frame rate of 60 Hz and full-resolution video 4: 4: 4 Pure Color (especially the latter specification HDMI). The Video Receiver AVR-X1100W fully compatible with 3D content.

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPlay and DLNA certification AV-receiver AVR-X1100W support wireless connection to Bluetooth, which allows you to play streaming audio (which is allowed up to 8 Bluetooth compatible devices such as smart phones, portable music players and tablets. Also, the receiver can be connected to a home network using wireless technology Wi-Fi, opening access to the music world through the Internet radio stations, as well as through the use of the service Spotify (including the latest scheme Spotify Connect). Thanks to the AirPlay to your favorite music can be played stream from your iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. DLNA 1.5 certification is suitable for connection to a PC or Mac to your wireless home network for additional streaming capabilities. With an appendix Denon Remote App is easy to control the receiver portable devices on the platform Apple and Android, as well as tablets Kindle Fire.
Convenient USB-port located on the front panel, is used to connect mobile devices Apple iPod, iPod touch, or iPad to the AVR-X1100W, to play music with these devices and their charging.
Powerful 7-channel discrete amplifier. Eco-mode. Equipped with high-precision discrete amplification stages, AVR-X1100W provides a maximum power of 145 watts per channel. Provides a convenient Eco-mode, in which the maximum power is automatically adjusted to correspond with the available volume levels; is displayed on the meter and Eco can be seen in real time, how much reduced power consumption. For compatibility with a wide range of speakers, AVR-X1100W has the ability to connect acoustic low impedance to 4 ohms.
av-receiver-denon-avr-x1100w-black-remote-controlAudyssey MultEQ XTDenon was the first manufacturer of audio / video using advanced audio processing technology Audyssey (DSP). AVR-X1100W equipped with Audyssey type Silver with a corresponding set of powerful features of the processor DSP, including MultEQ XT to measure the acoustic parameters of the room and DSP correction. During a home theater setup using a microphone (supplied), Audyssey MultEQ measures and adjusts for optimal sound, all the speakers connected to the receiver and subwoofer. The resulting data is generated for the automatic adjustment of the acoustic parameters of the room, which is achieved with a more natural tonal balance. Audyssey Dynamic Volume provides improved psycho-acoustic processing of the sound level difference between advertising and television programs, in which the volume is automatically adjusted so that the perceived bass response, tonal balance, surround sound and dialog clarity remain the same. Audyssey Dynamic EQ solves the problem of sound quality at low volume, providing a well-balanced sound at low volume, providing a well-balanced sound for everyone at any volume level.Multiroom listening you can fully utilize the AVR-X1100W in single-zone 7-channel configuration, or select a 5-channel home theater system configuration and the ability to provide additional listening area stereo in another room.
Outputs for a pair of subwoofers allow you to use instead of one large two small subwoofer for easy integration into the interior and optimum bass sound. In a configuration with two subwoofers bass is a more "smooth" and detailed, amplitude fluctuations are minimized in comparison with the configuration of a single subwoofer.

Amplifier Features
S Type 5 channel amplifier
Power at the 6th, 1 kHz, THD 0,7%
The front right / left 120 W + 120 W
Center 120 W
The rear right / left 120 W + 120 W
Power into 8 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz, 0.05%
Front L / R 80 W + 80 W
Center 80 W
Rear left / right 80 W + 80 W
Discrete Amplifier
A large aluminum heatsink optimized for sound
Frequency range 10 Hz - 100 kHz
Power Supply
Transformer with damper
Dual Rectifier
Independent power supplies 6Audio Formats
DTS HD Master
DTS 5.1
96-kHz Processing DTS 96/24
Dolby Digital Plus
Cinema Equalizer
Virtual-Surround (headphones / speakers)
DSP Programs 7
Multichannel Stereo 5CH-StereoDigital Converters
D / A converter 24-bit / 192-kHz
A / D converter 24-bit / 96-kHz
Digital Interface Receiver (DIR) 24-bit / 192-kHz

Auto Room EQ with Audyssey MultEQ: 8 units
personal settings / Auto Surround
Backlight 4-step (light, middle, dark, off)
Direct Mode
The volume level when you turn on (the latter ---, 1 dB step)
The chassis is designed for high-volume playback
High-quality components
Crossover frequency low-pass / high-pass 40/60/80/90/100/110/120/150/200/250 Hz
The terminals for the speaker (for 4mm contacts) all speakers
Audio Delay (Lip Sync) (0-200 ms)
Adjusting the analog input yes
Customized 4
Renaming user settings (max. 16 characters)
Switching function video inputs

Remote control
Remote Control RC-1181
Settings / Training No / No
GLO-KEYS / backlight there
Illuminating Keys No
Macro function no
iPod®- Functionality
iPod functionality (with the module ASD-11R)
- Audio Playback
- Photo Playback
- Control Interface from Menu
- On Screen Display

HDMI-Version 1.4a
- Input 5
- Output 1
- Max. resolution
- Deep Colour (30, 36 Bit)
- Xv.YCC 1080p (24, 50, 60 Hz)
3D Pass-Through
- Frame Packing
- Side-by-Side
- Top-Bottom
Auto Lip Sync
HDMI CEC compatible
Audio Return Channel (ARC)
Digital Inputs optical / coaxial (freely assignable) 1/1
Analog audio inputs: 2
Preamp Outputs: Subwoofer
Composite Video Inputs: 2
Composite video output: Monitor
HDMI Inputs: 5
HDMI Outputs: 1
headphone output (6.3 mm Jack)
iPod®-Interface (newer iPod Dock Control for ASD-11R / 51N / 51W)
USB interface: 1

Graphical User Interface
Restore compressed audio files
3D pass-through technology
Audyssey MultEQ XT
Supports HDMI 1.4 with 3D, Deep Color, "XVCOLOR"
5 x HDMI in / 1 x HDMI out (Repeater)
Fully discrete, identical quality and power for all 5 channels (120 W x 5ch)
Stable power supply for high-quality sound and picture playback
High-definition audio support, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio
Stereo Mini Jack on front panel lets you connect any portable audio player
Connector for IPod and Internet
The firmware update software over the network and via USB
Crossover frequency-controlled section
Optimized distribution bass
HDMI broadcast in standby mode
Audio Return Channel
Auto Power Off
Auto LipSync
Sleep Timer

RDS / Radio Text /
Memory of stations 56
tuner off when other sources
Internet Radio: Preset 3
Support service Spotify and Last.fm

Additional Information
Low power consumption in standby 0.1W
All terminals for connecting the speakers fitted to a thick speaker cables
Dimensions (WxHxD) 434x151x330 mm
Black color
Weight 8.2 kg

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