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AV-receiver Denon AVR-2106

The design of the phone you want to call nostalgic: front panel with a triangular notch and many authorities returns us in the times of "the Matrix" and "Titanic". In this test, this model is the most inexpensive and the described features, it is not inferior to any of the contenders. Therefore, it will help to answer the entry question about what to study price group is more important - functional snap or "audiophile" constructive solutions. Last Denon can not boast: 12 kg in weight and power consumption 250 W unlikely to produce irresistible impression on audiophile. However, in AudioTrack receiver equipped with high-quality components, similar to those used in high-end models of the firm, and CAP s Analog Devices AD-1837 (24 bit/192 kHz) for each channel, working in differential mode. Declared reserve of power - good (100 watts per channel, 8 Ohms, with seven channels of amplification).

The receiver is equipped with a proprietary system AutoConfig, previously used only in high-end models. It allows precise adjustment to eight students. Pure Direct mode turns off all unnecessary chain, reducing interference to a minimum. If, on the contrary, a digital processing - in the Arsenal DSP-processor many programs surround sound. Built-in transcoder turns any analog video in component signal. Channels Surround Back can be transferred to the sound of the front speakers, i.e. to connect to the last scheme bi-wiring.

System auto-tuning works accurately and quickly. Traditional for the company, the remote control is convenient, but for use in the dark imperfectly perfect. The OSD menu is standard for considered in this test apparatus is not burdened graphics and completely understandable.

Excellent receiver for your money does not leave much to be desired. The only time - due to the lack of EQ Denon 2106 mistreat heterogeneous acoustic systems. It is preferable to use the same tonal balance column on all channels (however, the experienced user follows this principle, and without our Board). Musicality receiver, though, and correspond to the level of first-class stereo amplifiers, very good, especially when using powerful active speakers connected to the scheme bi-wiring.

Rear panel.

Remote control.

Fig.1. Frequency Response

Power output, measured at 1 kHz for THD 0.7% of $ 133 watts. According to the test result is not the highest, but claimed 100 W exceeds one third. Given the high (71%) damping factor, do the obvious conclusion: the owner is absolutely not restricted in choice of speakers. Graph of THD fairly uniform, he is 0.02% almost the entire band. Frequency response, equal 0,46 dB, not different from the average test score. The decline at high frequencies, apparently, and is responsible for the detected when listening to a small loss of transparency in this range. Channel separation is the best in the test and is 65 + 2 dB. for Dolby Digital, 69 + 2 dB. for DTS and 59 + 2 dB. to enter 5.1. As we see, the symmetry is very high, which indicates their great topology amplifier channel. She, in turn, has a positive effect on the sound panorama in the movie. Best in test was tuner, which combines high sensitivity (1,2 mcV) with an outstanding signal-to-noise (72 dB).

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