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  • AV-receiver Cambridge Audio CXR 200
  • AV-receiver Cambridge Audio CXR 200

Description AV-receiver Cambridge Audio CXR 200

Semianiline AV receiver Cambridge Audio CXR 200 is an older model in this line of company. It has advanced features and higher output power compared with CXR 120. The appearance of the AV receiver remains the same – in the middle of the front panel display is lined with control buttons and a large lever located on the right, is designed to adjust the volume.

When using all seven channels of amplification, Cambridge Audio CXR 200 develops at each nominal power 120 W (when load impedance 8 Ohm). This allows the AV receiver to cope with quite complex from the point of view of the characteristics of the impedance of acoustic systems, and high quality voice large room. In the power supply apparatus is mounted toroidal transformer with large power and output stages of the amplifiers are mounted on a heat sink effective.

Cambridge Audio CXR 200 is equipped with decoders for all popular formats ambient sound conveniently close. The receiver has eight HDMI inputs (six standard and two 2.0 1.4 MHL), USB Jack for connecting portable drives with audio files. Network functions CXR 200 provides the same module that is used in network player Cambridge Audio. In computer network the receiver can be included as cable (Ethernet) and Wi-Fi on its back panel features a USB socket so you can install a complete module with antenna. Another USB-connector for optional Bluetooth module BT100. Amplifiers two additional channels of ambient sound can also be used to enable front stereoacuity according to the scheme bi-amping, or for scoring additional zones.

Digital-to-analog Converter, Cambridge Audio CXR 200 is based on a Cirrus Logic chip with parameters 24 bit / 192 kHz, and the apparatus can reproduce (via network or USB storage devices) lossless files with parameters up to 24 bit / 192 kHz. Additional functions of this model can be note the presence of the output from the preamp of the main stereo channels, and the possibility of scoring of the second zone (including the transfer of signal from the second HDMI output, with independent source selection). The device is equipped with inputs and outputs IR-control and trigger sensors, and a RS232 connector that allows you to integrate it into a management system "smart house".

Features of the AV receiver Cambridge Audio CXR 200

HDMI switching 4K/60 Hz, 2 HDMI out
Networking functionality via Ethernet
The ability to install the dongle BT100 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi antenna
The scoring of the second zone

Characteristics of AV-receiver Cambridge Audio CXR 200

The number of channels7.2
Output power7х120 W (8 Ohms, all channels enabled)
Frequency range10 Hz – 20 kHz ( /- 1dB)
THDless than 0,006%
The ratio signal/noise more than 90 dB
FM tuner87.5 MHz – 108 MHz
Tuner AM522 kHz – 1611 kHz
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