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  • AV-receiver Arcam FMJ AVR850
  • AV-receiver Arcam FMJ AVR850
  • AV-receiver Arcam FMJ AVR850

Description AV-receiver Arcam FMJ AVR850

At the moment 7.1-channel Arcam FMJ AVR850 is the most powerful model in the new series of AV receivers Arcam. The device supports 3D-sound Dolby Atmos (5.1.2-channel configuration), but may work in 7.1.4-channel mode, the implementation of which requires an additional 4-channel power amplifier or a pair of 2-channel terminals. Declared support for the codec DTS:X, which will be available after the release of the new firmware.

In the center of the front panel of the housing has a knob volume control. The top part has a VF display. Left and right of the attenuator the volume buttons are, menu, select source, activate the Direct mode to obtain a true stereo image, etc. on the right side panel has a 3.5 mm headphone out and line in (Aux 3.5 mm).

PSU receiver is equipped with a large toroidal transformer. Amplifier cascades are in the G-class, which is more efficient compared to class AB, as it uses a controllable power source. Supply power 7 x 100 watts (8 Ohms). Automatic calibration of the speakers engaged in the Dirac Live system, allowing you to perform fine-tune adjustments due to the use of computer software.

The model is equipped with an Ethernet port for connecting to the local network for playing files in compressed format and in lossless format from libraries PC, Mac or UPnP servers. There is support for web services vTuner (Internet radio) and Spotify. To control Arcam FMJ AVR850 can be used not only remote, but the network (IP control), as well as iOS devices with the app MusicLife.

AV receiver got 7 inputs and 3 HDMI outputs of the latest generation (version 2.0 a). Supports HDCP 2.2, it allows you to play video content in Ultra HD resolution, which is protected from copying. One of the HDMI ports support MHL functionality for broadcast high-definition video from mobile devices. The device has a 7.2.4 channel Pre Out, and a sufficient number of linear and digital inputs. There is a USB input for playing audio from your external storage (charging). There are trigger connectors, IC sockets, RS-232, etc. Seven pairs of screw terminals are for connecting speakers.

Model Arcam FMJ AVR850 refers to AV receivers audiophile quality and is able to provide the most realistic sound when working in a multi-channel or 2-channel system.

Features of the AV receiver Arcam FMJ AVR850

Support for Dolby Atmos and 4K Ultra HD
Seven inputs and three HDMI outputs(2.0 a)
An effective system of autocalibration of speakers Dirac Live

Characteristics of AV-receiver Arcam FMJ AVR850

The number of channels: 7.1/5.1.2/7.1.4
Output power: 7 x 100/180 W (8/4 Ohm, 1kHz, 0,2% THD), 2 x 120/200 watts (8/4 Ohms, 20 Hz – 20 kHz, 0.02% THD)
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