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  • Stereo amplifier TEAC AI-501DA
  • Stereo amplifier TEAC AI-501DA
  • Stereo amplifier TEAC AI-501DA
  • Stereo amplifier TEAC AI-501DA
  • Stereo amplifier TEAC AI-501DA

Description stereo amplifier, TEAC AI-501DA

The Japanese company TEAC is a series of compact audiophile components Reference 501 consisting of a headphone amplifier HA-501, CD player PD-501HR, USB digital-to-analog Converter UD-501 and consider the integral digital power stereo amplifier with USB input AI-501DA. The whole series is made in a rather compact, but fully metal bodies with thick aluminum panels and massive steel chassis. It looks, therefore,TEAC AI-501DA very thoroughly, and in General the amplifier immediately draws attention to itself thanks to a non-trivial, but modern design with analog pointer indicators volume control for each channel. By the way, the built-in indicator light with adjustable. With a similar interest can be noted and the method of use, apparatus, organized not by traditional buttons, a rocker switch, which are typical of the devices of the past.

In addition to attention-grabbing appearance, TEAC AI-501DA boasts a rich switching capabilities. On the front panel next to the rocker switch located 1/4" TRS headphone output. At the rear are screw terminals for the speaker wires and inputs: unbalanced RCA pair of traditional, digital коаксиальныйSPDIF, two digital optical Toslink, and USB 2.0. Thus, this unit can be used as a conventional DAC for sources equipped with digital outputs, SPDIF and play files from PCs or various devices that are compatible with the USB interface. For asynchronous conversion of the signal from the USB input in the TEAC AI-501DA uses a special IC Tenor, and high-precision clock that provides extremely low jitter. Signal processing deals in high-quality 32-bit DAC Burr-Brown PCM5102. Via the USB input, and coaxial SPDIF you can send signals up to 24 bit and a sampling rate of 192 kHz. Optical Toslink is capable of accepting signals up to 24 bit, but with sampling rates up to 96 kHz. Clean and stable power to the amp, massive toroidal power transformer.In General, TEACAI-501DA is an amplifier working in class D, and developing capacity at 90 watts per channel at load 4 Ohm.

To purchase this extraordinary beautiful and quality made integralni can be in one of two colors: silver or black.

Features stereo amplifier, TEAC AI-501DA

Indicator volume with light.
Digital amplifier power 90 watts.
32-bit DAC Burr-Brown PCM5102.
The ability to connect sources via USB.

Features stereo amplifier, TEAC AI-501DA

Type Integrated digital amplifier D class
Inputs digital coaxial RCA, 2 optical digital (TOS-link) 2x unbalanced RCA stereo analog, USB 2.0 B-type
Outputs Column 2 on the screw terminals, headphone Jack (1/4" TRS)
Frequency range 10 Hz – 60 kHz, (-3dB - 1dB), the ratio: 100 dB
Output power2 x 90 W (4 Ohms, 1 kHz, THD 10%)
Distortion THD0,05% (1 kHz, 4 Ohms, 45 watts)
Power consumption55 W
Dimensions (W x h x D)290 x 82 x 244 mm
Weight4 kg

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