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  • Stereo amplifier TEAC AI-1000
  • Stereo amplifier TEAC AI-1000
  • Stereo amplifier TEAC AI-1000
  • Stereo amplifier TEAC AI-1000
  • Stereo amplifier TEAC AI-1000

Description stereo amplifier, TEAC AI-1000

Integrated stereo amplifier AI-1000 is a younger model in the "product line" Distinction, recently released by the company Teac. The development of this series was conducted on the basis of technical solutions used in High-end components model of some Esoteric, however, the components of Distinction are offered at much more affordable prices.

Amplifier TEAC AI-1000 develops an output power of 2 x 120 watts when you connect 4-Ohm speakers, and has six line inputs. The entrance, marked Bypass, is designed to incorporate the amplifier in a home cinema system. There is also the output from the preamplifier, and headphone Jack. For connecting speaker systems are designed two pairs of high quality binding posts.

Laconic on the front panel of the TEAC AI-1000, made of aluminum, are only a volume knob and six buttons select the signal sources. The included remote control adds to this functionality the ability to simultaneously mute the sound.

The amplifier circuit is made discrete, and output stages of set transistors with a high operating current. Combined with a powerful transformer and filter condensers of considerable capacity, used in power supply, this allows the AI-1000 to confidently cope with speakers with the most difficult characteristic impedance. A special system protects the amplifier and connected speakers in any abnormal situations. The metal chassis has a good anti-vibration properties, and protects the internal circuits from external electromagnetic interference.

TEAC AI-1000 has a very accurate and balanced sound, ideal for listening to music of various genres. The device is able to swing a large floor-standing speakers and high quality sound to even the largest of rooms. AI-1000 will be a reliable basis for building a Hi-Fi system of high class and good sounding front stereo channels in your home theater.

Features stereo amplifier, TEAC AI-1000

Output stages with a high operating current
Headphone output
Remote control

Features stereo amplifier, TEAC AI-1000

Typeintegrated amplifier
Power85 watts/channel (8 Ohms)
120 watts/channel (4 Ohms)
Frequency range10 Hz - 30 kHz
The ratio signal/noise100 dB
Power consumption240 W
Inputslinear x 6
Outputsheadphones x 1 PreAmp
Dimensions435 x 116 x 403 mm
Weight10 kg

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