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  • Stereo amplifier T A PA R 2000
  • Stereo amplifier T A PA R 2000

Description stereo amplifier, 2000 T A PA R

Integrated amplifier PA 2000 T A R has an attention to detail design, which takes into account everything that can affect the sound quality. The device is made in the body of a small height with an exemplary organized front panel, which has all the necessary controls. Provided here and display with large display, which displays information about the operating modes of the device, and a dynamic scale the output signal level (VU-meter). The amplifier has a tone control for bass and treble, switchable loudness, the adjustment stereoballs – access to all these settings by using the menu system shown on the display. It is also possible to disable all signal processing, to achieve the most linear sound. On the front panel of the PA 2000 R is the headphone Jack.

The device is equipped with upgraded power supply, which is able to instantly give in the load of considerable power. Due to this, the output stages of the amplifier is able to accurately reproduce the musical signal with the most complex dynamic pattern, and is also effective to rock even difficult speakers. The apparatus develops the output power 180 W per channel load resistance of 4 ohms, which is a very good result for such a relatively compact design.

Another technical solution to provide a powerful and exciting sound of A PA T 2000 R, was the output stage high-linearity, covered very little feedback. Manage source selection, speaker switching and other audiokommentare in the circuit is performed using a precision gas-filled relays with gold-plated contacts.

T A PA R 2000 has three balanced and three unbalanced line input, line output; in this model you can install an optional module, MM or MC Phono stage. It is possible to switch the amplifier in a surround sound system, or control system (Crestron /AMX or brand, via connectors R2LINK). The device is supplemented by a system of protection against overheating and overload, and short circuit in the load.

Features stereo amplifier T A PA R 2000

Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs
Linear output stage with low feedback
Flexible system of menu control

Characteristics of the stereo amplifier T A PA R 2000

Output power2 x 80 watts (8 Ohms), 2 x 120 W (4 Ohm)
Frequency range0,5 Hz - 300 kHz ( /3 dB) (preamplifier section), 1 Hz – 150 kHz (power amp)
THDless than 0.001% (preamp), less than 0.02% (power amp)
Inputs3 balanced, 3 unbalanced
Outputswith preamp, headphones, a couple AC
Additionallyconnector control system (AMX / Crestron), entrance and exit management system R2-Link
The ratio signal/noise109 dB (a-vzves.)
Channel separation more than 90 dB
Tone adjustment Bass (-6 / 8 dB), treble (-6 / 8 dB)
Loudness have adjustable, switchable
Input sensitivity 250 mV (RCA), 500 mV (XLR)
Tone adjustment Bass (-6 / 8 dB), treble (-6 / 8 dB)
The slew rate of the output signal 60 V / µs
The capacitance of the filter capacitors 60000 UF
Power consumption1000 watts (maximum), 0.5 W (Standby)
Dimensions (WxHxD)460 x 82 x 400 mm
Weight10.5 kg

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