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  • Stereo amplifier T A PA 3000 HV
  • Stereo amplifier T A PA 3000 HV
  • Stereo amplifier T A PA 3000 HV

Description stereo amplifier, T A PA 3000 HV

Integrated stereo amplifier T A PA 3000 HV is a Silver audiophile-grade model, equipped with the latest functionality. The General structural principle of this device, reflected in its name - HV (High Voltage) means that the entire amplifier circuit is at higher voltage than usual. For the preamp it is 80 Volts, and output stages is 360 Volts. Thanks to this amplifier with minimal corrective circuits, retains substantially linear huge power. In the power supply apparatus is installed is a massive customized toroidal transformer, which provides separate windings to power each channel of the amplifier.

Amplifier T A PA 3000 HV has an extremely high electrical parameters and made with high quality components and materials. In the circuits of the device, field-effect transistors and kaskadno strengthening scheme Hexword. As for the circuit, the device is a dual mono, using discrete elements and a fully symmetrical PCB for each channel. Such a solution guarantees a good stereo image with precise placement of images according to the depth and width of the stage.

The amplifier is equipped with four balanced inputs, two unbalanced inputs and outputs to connect recording devices. If desired, one of the inputs can be reconfigured to use the amplifier in the system surround sound home theater. The outputs from the preamplifier are also presented in balanced and unbalanced versions. The device can connect two pairs of speaker systems, which are intended for high-quality screw terminals machined bronze and rhodium-plated. T A PA 3000 HV also has everything necessary for integration into the installation - trigger input, connection for external IR sensor, Ethernet connector and a proprietary control interface H-Link. The amplifier's chassis has anti-vibration construction and is equipped with insulating supports, which excludes the impact of the scheme of the device of external mechanical influences. The device is supplied with a remote control.

Features stereo amplifier T A PA 3000 HV

Design dual mono
High voltage circuits
High linearity at high power

Characteristics of the stereo amplifier T A PA 3000 HV

Output power 2 x 300 watts (8 Ohms) / 2 x 500 W (4 ohms)
Inputs 7 linear unbalanced, 4 balanced
OutputsRCA PreOut, PreOut XLR, on the record, on headphones, 2 pairs speakers
AdditionallyInput 4 can be reconfigured to use the amplifier in DC, trigger input
Frequency range0.5 Hz – 180 kHz (-3 dB), for the MIND
Harmonic distortionless than 0.03% (for the MIND)
Intermodulation distortionless than 0.001%
The division of stereocaulonmore than 90 dB
The ratio signal/noise110 dB
Input impedance20 kOhm (RCA), 5 kω (XLR)
The slew rate of the output signal60 V / µs
The damping ratiomore than 65
Input sensitivity250 mV (RCA), 500 mV (XLR)
The total capacitance of filter capacitors120000 UF
Maximum power consumption1500 W
Dimensions (W x h x D)460х 170 x 460 mm
Weight 38 kg
Remote control F 3000

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