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  • Stereo amplifier T A PA 1260 R
  • Stereo amplifier T A PA 1260 R
  • Stereo amplifier T A PA 1260 R

Description stereo amplifier, T A PA 1260 R

This integrated amplifier is created on the basis of very successful models PA 1230 R, made in the original sleek design T A, has a very broad functionality. T A PA 1260 R has seven line inputs, outputs for connection of two analog recording devices equipped with a treble in the high and low frequencies, stereoblonde, loudness mode and turn off all the extra circuits for sound processing. If desired, PA 1260R can be upgraded to a Phono stage for MM or MC cartridge types. The control circuit of the amplifier based on a microprocessor, which ensures maximum accuracy of all adjustments, minimal impact on the audio signal, and is independent of the audio circuits of the power circuit.

Amplifier T A PA 1260 R you can connect two pairs of speakers, headphones and also the output from the preamp to feed the signal to an additional amplifier. The unit has special connectors for integration into A system T that is managed with a single remote control.

With its small size, the amplifier develops a solid output power 2 x 100 W at 8 Ω, 2 x 150 watts when you connect 4-Ohm speakers, has an extended operating frequency range 1 Hz – 300 kHz, and harmonic distortion less than one thousandth of a percent. The power supply has filtering capacitors with total capacity of 50000 μf, and output stages are built on the terminals of the transistors extraocular that allows you T A PA 1260 R full "swing" with the acoustics of the complex characteristic impedance. For effective cooling of the internal amplifier circuits silent cooling fan equipped with professional grade, running schemes of temperature control.

The amplifier is available in a metal casing in silver or black, and may be supplemented by remote control. T A PA 1260 R is a great basis for creating a good stereo system, simple and convenient to use, and suitable for listening to music of various genres.

Features stereo amplifier T A PA 1260 R

Integrated amplifier
Flexible management
The preamp outputs
Outstanding performance
Outs under bi-wiring

Characteristics of the stereo amplifier T A PA 1260 R

Power output (4/8 Ohms) 2 x 150/100 watt
Inputs7 analog RCA
Outputs 2 Tape, headphones
Transformer powertoroidal, 300ВА
The signal-to-noise109 dB
Frequency range (-3 dB)1 Hz -400 kHz
Input impedance20 ohms
THD (1 kHz, 8 Ohms)0,002%
The maximum output voltage of preamplifier9.5 In
Dumping factor500
Remote control FM 100 R
Sizes75 x 440 x 390 mm
Weight11 kg

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