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  • Stereo amplifier Rotel RA-1570
  • Stereo amplifier Rotel RA-1570

Description stereo amplifier, Rotel RA-1570

Integrated stereo amplifier Rotel RA-1570 develops a power output of 120 watts per channel and has a high output current. This allows it to easily handle even the largest outdoor multi-band speaker systems with a complex characteristic impedance. In addition, the Rotel RA-1570 is able to work long speaker cables that could be valuable to put him at a considerable distance from the speakers. Output stages of the amplifier operate in class AB, and built using discrete components.

The power supply unit RA-1570 is made on the basis of brand massive toroidal transformer and filtering voltage used T-Networks capacitors.

The apparatus has a very wide functionality. Rotel RA-1570 is equipped with quality built in Phono stage for MM cartridge, one balanced and four unbalanced inputs, connectors for two pairs of speakers. The two outputs from the preamplifier and power amplifier allows to create on the basis of this amplifier configuration of connection of acoustics bi-amping or tri-amping. However, the main feature of this unit are digital inputs: two coaxial and two optical, as well as USB for connecting to PC. At last it is possible to transmit the digital data stream with parameters up to 24 bit/192 kHz. Digital to analog Converter in the amplifier built on the basis of known chip and Wolfson WM8740 has a switchable output digital filter. E-the volume control on the Rotel RA-1570 is built using precision components and allows for precise and smooth change of signal level without audible distortion.

Rotel RA-1570 is made in the case of a significant height, which allowed for free placement and good heat transfer to the internals. On the front of the machine to freely set the display with large display and adjustable brightness, and controls the main functions. Provided here and the output for connection of stereotipov. And, of course, it is necessary to note the presence of USB connector, which can connect portable hard drives with files and iPod/iPhone.

Features stereo amplifier, Rotel RA-1570

USB input 24-bit/192 kHz
Toroidal transformer
Built-in Phono equalizer

Characteristics of the stereo amplifier Rotel RA-1570

Output power 2 x 120 watts (8 Ohms)
Inputs Phono, XLR, 4 RCA, 2 optical, 2 coaxial, USB, power amplifiers
Outputs2 PreOut, headphone, 2 pairs speakers
AdditionallyThe USB connector on the front panel, Rotel Link, for external IR sensor, 12 V triggers
Frequency range10 Hz – 95 kHz ( /- 3dB)
Damping factor180
Harmonic distortionless than 0.03%
The ratio signal/noise100 dB (digital input, linear input) 80 dB (MM-log)
USB/iPod Digital SignalWAV, MP3, WMA (to 48 kHz/16 bit)
The sensitivity of the MM input30 mV
Dimensions (W x h x D)431 x 144 x 350 mm
Weight 13 kg

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