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  • Stereo amplifier Rotel RA-10
  • Stereo amplifier Rotel RA-10

Description stereo amplifier, Rotel RA-10

Integrated stereo amplifier Rotel RA-10 is assembled in the case of a small height, and has a classic design for machinery of this class produced in the early 80-ies of the last century.
In the center of its front panel features a large volume control to the left of which has a switchable tone controls at low and high frequencies, and switch for two pairs of speakers. On the other hand there are stereoballs controller, the mode switch operation of the input for the recording device, and the selector signal sources. Also the front panel has 3.5 mm sockets for headphones and portable player.
To Rotel RA-10 can support four line signal source, a recording device (input/output), and M is the pickup of the turntable. Also an adjustable output from the preamplifier, using that to Rotel RA-10 you can connect an external amplifier. There are entrance and exit managing a 12-volt trigger, and high quality screw terminals to connect four pairs of speakers.

The workmanship is Rotel RA-10 is very high, all the controls have a nice stroke, and the quality of finish of the front panel leaves no room for criticism.

The amplifier develops a relatively modest power output 40 watts per channel, however, thanks to high-quality power supply and high current output stages can deal with large outdoor acoustics. However, needless to overload the Rotel RA-10 is not necessary, and columns with a complex characteristic impedance to better connect to it by dvuhkonturniy scheme with optional tips. The overall character of the sound Rotel RA-10, very dynamic, rhythmically accurate, with a nearly neutral tonal balance and an extended stereo image, will surely appeal to many music lovers.

The amplifier has a fairly high-quality Phono stage, which has good compatibility with MM pickups popular brands, minimal noise, and provides accurate RIAA correction.

Features stereo amplifier, Rotel RA-10

Connectors for four pairs of speakers
The output from the preamplifier
The entry for MM-pickup

Features stereo amplifier, Rotel RA-10

Output power 2 x 40 watts (8 Ohms)
Inputs 4 linear, for MM-pickup, on the front panel
OutputsPreOut, headphone, record
Frequency range10 Hz – 40 kHz ( /- 0,7 dB)
The ratio signal/noisemore than 95 dB
Total harmonic distortionless than 0.03%
Power consumption220 W
Dimensions 430 x 72 x 342 mm
Weight 5.9 kg

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