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  • Stereo Amplifier Rega Elex-R
  • Stereo Amplifier Rega Elex-R

Description stereo amplifier, Rega Elex-R

Integrated amplifier Rega Elex-R is made based on the model Brio-R, but it has a power supply and preamplifier-Phono stage from a more expensive unit Elicit-R When developing the Rega Elex-R in front of the engineers was tasked to create a machine with the optimum balance of power, controllability and dynamics, which was successfully resolved. In addition, this model turned out to be the most functionally flexible of all the Rega amps.

Amplifier Rega Elex-R is designed to provide the best balance of sound quality and cost, and ensure ease of use and customization. The device is manufactured in a branded metal case Rega, providing improved heat dissipation, and power supply installed network transformer of increased capacity. The amplifier develops an output power of 90 watts per channel load resistance of 6 Ohms and 72.5 watts with the impedance of the connected speakers in 8 Ohms. Output stages of the amplifier built by the Darlington circuit transistors Sanken, designed for 150 W of power. The circuit operates in a mode similar to class A but has a high thermal stability.

When developing the Rega Elex-R it provided important functions, for example, the output from the preamp, considerably increases the possibility of inclusion of the device in various systems. And at the same time it was decided to abandon some secondary circuits such as tone controls or a headphone output, which can impair sound quality. The amplifiers are widely used selected audiophile-grade components, and the length of the chains of transmission of the audio signal is reduced to the minimum.

The preamplifier circuit and the volume control sound designed in such a way as to eliminate distortion and noise common to most traditional solutions. In Rega Elex-R uses a combination of passive feedback and adjustment, based on the level of the input signal to set the desired volume. The balance between the stereo channels in this case is achieved not so much by the identity of the sections of the potentiometer as the same parameters of the circuit of the preamplifier. A similar scheme for adjusting the sound volume only used in professional sound equipment.

Features stereo amplifier Rega Elex-R

The combination of feedback and passive control systems, in the preamp section
Output stages of the amplifier built by the Darlington circuit transistors Sanken
The power supply and the Phono stage from the more expensive models of the Elicit-R

Characteristics of the stereo amplifier Rega Elex-R

Output power2 x 90 W (6 Ohms), 2 x 72,5 W (8 Ohms)
InputsPhono, 4 line
Outputson the record with the preamp, two pair gold plated screw terminals
Input sensitivity1.7 to 100 mV (Phono), 164 mV - 10 V (line input)
Input impedance 47 kOhm/220 pF (Phono), 40 Ohm (linear)
The output signal628 mV (preamp), 164 MB (write)
Total harmonic distortionless than 0,007%
The output transistorsSanken, 150 W
Power consumption250 W

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