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  • Stereo Amplifier Rega Brio-R
  • Stereo Amplifier Rega Brio-R
  • Stereo Amplifier Rega Brio-R
  • Stereo Amplifier Rega Brio-R

Description stereo amplifier, Rega Brio-R

Another modification of the famous amplifier Rega Brio-R got a new body and significantly updated circuitry, retaining the signature sound that is so loved by many music lovers. On the amplifier output of 150-watt Sanken transistors, providing a wide margin on the magnitude of the output current, and the operating capability of the amplifier by reducing the load resistance to a value of 1.7 ohms. In the power supply Rega Brio-R is a toroidal transformer, and installed the filter capacitors with a total capacity of 10 000 µf.

Switching inputs to the amplifier are made on high quality relays to reduce the length of chains passing audio, and the volume control uses a potentiometer with a motorized. In the scheme of the Brio-R uses selected high-quality passive components, including film capacitors, and used a separate power supply circuit for low and vysokovych schemes. Amplifier equipped with a remote control, and the engineers at Rega have ensured that this scheme does not affect the sound quality. Remote control system is powered from a separate source and control microcontroller is completely isolated from audiotape.

Rega Brio-R has an input for connecting the pickup of the turntable (the circuit of the Phono stage in the new model was also significantly improved), 4 line input, output to connect analogue recording device.

The apparatus develops output power 2 x 50 W at 8 Ω and 2 x 73 W at 4 ohms. The amplifier is a model Hi-Fi-minimalism, he has no tone controls, no headphone output. On the front panel of the Brio-R are the volume control and the button switch inputs, which can be used successively to select one of the signal sources. The remote control adds to this functionality the ability to disable the sound (Mute). Simple and reliable, this amplifier can serve as the basis of the Hi-Fi system very high-level, and has a very favorable ratio of quality and price.

Features stereo amplifier, Rega Brio-R

Compact design
Input for MM/MC-Phono RCA turntable
150-watt Sanken transistors in the circuit

Features stereo amplifier, Rega Brio-R

Power2 x 50 watts (8 Ohms), 2 x 73 W (4 Ohms)
Frequency range (-3 dB)15 Hz - 40 kHz
The sensitivity of the inputs100 mV (Phono), 210 mV (Input 2 - 5)
Outputs Record (RCA)
Strengthening27 dB
Input impedance47 kOhm
The load resistance MM-foosackly47 kOhm
Power consumption195 W
Sizes215 x 80 x 270 mm

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