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  • Stereo amplifier Pro-Ject MAIA DS
  • Stereo amplifier Pro-Ject MAIA DS

Description stereo amplifier, Pro-Ject MAIA DS

Compact integrated amplifier Pro-Ject MaiA DS line DS Line has a solid functional and switching equipment. The model has a complete set of digital and analog inputs, has a DAC and a Bluetooth system with support for the aptX codec for wireless audio playback in CD quality. Pro-Ject MaiA DS can connect 9 sources at the same time.

The amplifier circuitry has received the "dual mono" and outputs 40 watts per channel at 8 Ohms. This indicator can be significantly improved, if to connect an external AC Power supply Box MaiA DS (optional). Digital-to-analog Converter PCM1796 and asynchronous USB port on the base allows XMOS to lose stored on the computer file formats such as PCM (24 bit/192 kHz) and DSD64/128/256. On Board Pro-Ject MaiA is present DS MM/MC Phono stage and headphone amplifier. Integrated Control Box with Bluеtooth receiver allows you not only to play streaming music, but also to control the amplifier by means of an installed Android app. Will also support control via iOS device. The facade model has three IR emitter, which can be used to transmit command signals app to other devices Pro-Ject. The set includes mini-remote control.

Everything is assembled in a metal housing, which is mounted on damping feet made of thermoplastic elastomer TPE. The center of the front aluminum panel Pro-Ject MaiA DS is busy with motorized volume control. The left side is the power button/standby LED-led and 6.3 mm headphone Jack. There are two keys to the right of the input selector switch disposed in between the LEDs indicating the selection of a particular source. Above there is a button with an LED indicator to establish a Bluetooth pairing, three IR emitter and LEDs indicating the type of the resulting DSD signal.

On the rear panel of the housing Pro-Ject MaiA DS are RCA line inputs connectors Phono stage (with selection button the operation mode to MC or MM cartridge), coaxial and optical inputs, asynchronous USB port. There is a socket for a Bluetooth antenna, two RCA outputs (fixed and adjustable) and a connector for the subwoofer. Connect speakers using 4 screw terminals, under which there is a socket for an external PSU.

Integralni Pro-Ject MaiA DS features a natural and comfortable sound, a bit reminiscent of tube sound. On its basis we can build a comprehensive audio system that consists of components from Pro-Ject and has a centralized management system.

Features stereo amplifier, Pro-Ject MAIA DS

Power: 2 x 40 watts (8 Ohms), 2 x 60 watts (4 Ohms)
DAC PCM1796 (24bit/192kHz), asynchronous USB port
Circuitry "dual mono", built-in Bluetooth-module with the aptX codec
Management using mobile application via Bluetooth

Features stereo amplifier, Pro-Ject MAIA DS

Output power2 x 40 watts (8 Ohms), 2 x 60 watts (4 Ohms)
The signal-to-noisemore than 90 dB (line input), more than 90 dB (MM-Phono stage), 75 dB (MC-Phono stage)
Channel separation65 dB
THD0,07% (at 15 W)
Frequency range20 Hz - 20 kHz ( 0.2 dB, - 2.5 dB)
Input sensitivity350 mV (line input)
Input impedance50 kω (line input), 47 Ohm (MM Phono stage), 100 Ohms (MC Phono stage)
DACPCM1796 (24bit/192kHz)
Support for the DSD formatDSD64/DSD128/DSD256
Gain34 dB (line input)
Bluetooth4th generation, with support for aptX
Inputs3 RCA, switchable input MM/MC-Phono stage (RCA), 2 optical (24 bit/96 kHz), coaxial (24bit/192kHz), asynchronous USB (type B, 24-bit/192kHz, DSD64/128/56, DoP)
Outputs6.3 mm headphone (16-600 Ohm), non-adjustable RCA line, adjustable RCA subwoofer output (RCA)
Other switchingtrigger input and output (12 V), socket for a Bluetooth antenna, a grounding terminal
The output on the speaker2 pairs of gold plated binding posts
The power supplyexternal, 24 V/5 A, DC
Unit Power supply Box MaiA DSoption
Power consumption in standby modeless than 0.5 W
Remote controlthere
Dimensions (WxHxD)206x72x165 mm (including terminals)
Weight1.55 kg (without power supply)

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