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  • Stereo amplifier Pro-Ject MAIA
  • Stereo amplifier Pro-Ject MAIA

Description stereo amplifier, Pro-Ject MAIA

Full amplifier Pro-Ject MaiA is working in class D, and refers to MaiA signature of sub-series (part of the S series Line). MaiA abbreviation stands for "My Audio Integrated Amplifier" ("My integrated amplifier").

The model has a metal body finished in a sleek sleek design, is small in size and protects her boards and parts from all kinds of external interference. Motorized volume attenuator occupies the Central part of the front panel, made of aluminum. On the right the selector of inputs is represented by two buttons, one of which can be used for Bluetooth pairing. Between the buttons there are nine mini-LEDs that indicate the selected source. On the left there is a 6.3 mm headphone Jack, as well as key power-up/transfer to standby mode with situated above it an LED diode.

The device has circuitry built on the principle of "dual mono". In the output stage Pro-Ject MaiA is installed special modules, made by the company Flying Mole. The model receives power from an external unit, generates an output 25 watts per channel (at 8 Ohms) and according to the approval of Pro-Ject, can handle a 2 Ohm load.

The amplifier Pro-Ject MaiA can be used as an external DAC, as it is equipped with a digital-to-analog Converter Cirrus Logic CS4344 24-bit (192 kHz). On Board there is the Bluetooth module with the aptX codec.

The model has nine inputs: two RCA, line in connector 3.5 mm, two optical, coaxial, connectors, MM-Phono stage, and an asynchronous USB port with the XMOS chip to connect to the computer. Has adjustable output (mini-Jack), which can be connected subwoofer or amplifier. In the back of the housing, we built four high-quality screw terminals for connecting speakers. There is a socket for a Bluetooth antenna and a ground terminal.

The amplifier Pro-Ject MaiA is able to name rooms up to 25 m². To control the unit uses a regular miniature remote. Pure sound model features a natural musical character, good detail, openness and even some warmth.

Features stereo amplifier, Pro-Ject MAIA

Sleek design, compact metal housing, external power adapter
Cirrus Logic CS4344 DAC (24 bit/192 kHz), an asynchronous USB port , MM-Phono stage
Topology diagrams "dual mono" class D built-in Bluetooth module

Features stereo amplifier, Pro-Ject MAIA

Output power2 x 25 watts (8 Ohms), 2 x 37 W (4 Ohm)
Input sensitivity/input impedance350 mV/50 kω (line input)
Frequency range20 Hz - 20 kHz ( 0 dB, - 0.5 dB)
The signal-to-noisemore than 90 dB
THDless than 0.07% (at 15 W)
Gain31 dB (line input)
DACCirrus Logic CS4344 (24 bit/192 kHz)
Bluetooth4th generation with aptX support
Inputs2 linear RCA and linear mini-Jack input MM-Phono stage (RCA), 2 optical (24 bit/96 kHz), coaxial (24bit/192kHz), asynchronous USB (type B 24-bit/192 kHz)
Outputs6.3 mm headphone (16-600 Ohm), linear mini-Jack (adjustable)
Other switchingthe socket for the Bluetooth antenna, grounding terminal
The output on the speaker2 pairs of screw terminals
The power supplyexternal, 20 V/3 A, DC
Power consumption in standby modeless than 1 watt
Remote controlthere
Dimensions (WxHxD)206x36x220 mm (including terminals)
Weight1.85 kg (without power supply)

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