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  • Stereo amplifier PA 2500 T A R
  • Stereo amplifier PA 2500 T A R

Description stereo amplifier PA 2500 T A R

Integrated amplifier PA 2500 T A R made in the body a greater height than the Junior model of this series, and develops more power. The device has enhanced functionality, however with all these changes T A PA R 2500 has maintained a high precision and a balanced sound that is not always typical for amplifiers of higher power. His scheme is built based on the same design principles as for PA 2000 R – both models have the same trace printed circuit boards. However, PA R 2500 fitted with larger heat sinks for the output transistors, which dissipates the increased heat output. The power supply apparatus also strengthened relative to the younger model – in the case of 2500 PA R is two sources, which allows the amplifier to develop at the output of each channel up to 280 watts (at load impedance 4 ohms). Significant output current and the large energy stored in the filter capacitors of the power supply unit (capacity 120 000 UF) allow the amplifier to confidently cope with the most complex loads and to accurately reproduce the wide dynamic range of modern music. The damping ratio T A PA R 2500 is more than 65, which facilitates the choice of suitable speaker cables.

The amplifier is provided for adjustment of a timbre of low and high frequencies, switchable loudness and the function of direct signal in bypass auxiliary circuits. Modes of operation T A PA R 2500 are displayed on the LCD display with backlight. The unit has three balanced inputs, one of which can be used for inclusion in the system surround sound, four unbalanced inputs, the outputs from the preamp (also presented balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA connectors). Also PA R 2500 you can connect headphones.

T A PA R 2500 fitted with a massive screw terminals for connecting two pairs of speakers. Speaker terminals machined from non-magnetic brass and are rhodium-plated and equipped with transparent housing with comfortable grips. In an optional amplifier can be inserted MM/MC-Phono stage.

Features stereo amplifier PA 2500 T A R

Linear output stage with low feedback
Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs and outputs with the preamp

The ability to connect two pairs of speakers

Characteristics of the stereo amplifier PA 2500 T A R

Output power2 x 140 watts (8 Ohms), 2 x 280 watts (4 Ohms), 2 x 560 W (2 Ohm)
Frequency range0,5 Hz - 300 kHz ( /3 dB) (preamplifier section), 1 Hz – 150 kHz (power amp)
THDless than 0.001% (preamp), less than 0.02% (power amp)
Inputs3 balanced XLR and 4 unbalanced RCA
Outputswith preamplifier (balanced, unbalanced), headphone, two pairs of speakers
Additionallyconnector control system (AMX / Crestron), entrance and exit management system R2-Link
The ratio signal/noise109 dB (a-vzves.)
Channel separation more than 90 dB
Tone adjustment Bass (-6 / 8 dB), treble (-6 / 8 dB)
Loudness have adjustable, switchable
Input sensitivity 250 mV (RCA), 500 mV (XLR)
Tone adjustment Bass (-6 / 8 dB), treble (-6 / 8 dB)
The slew rate of the output signal 60 V / µs
The coefficient of damirovna more than 65
The capacitance of the filter capacitors 120000 UF
Power consumption2000 W (max), 0.5 W (Standby)
Dimensions (WxHxD)460 x 165 x 405 mm
Weight14.5 kg

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