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  • Stereo Amplifier Onkyo A-9050
  • Stereo Amplifier Onkyo A-9050
  • Stereo Amplifier Onkyo A-9050

Description stereo amplifier, Onkyo A-9050

The a-9050 is included in the budget range full amplifier Onkyo.

The device is made in classic style. The thickness of anti-resonant metal chassis is 1.6 mm. the Front panel and mounted in the center of the volume knob is made of aluminum. In the left part of the facade is a power button and a standby mode, and select key speaker. There are regulators of timbres and balance. To the right is the button to activate Direct mode, the functions of bass boost Phase Matching Bass and an input selector, which is equipped with LEDs (9 PCs) that indicates the ports are involved at the moment. In the lower right corner is a mini-Jack for portable player and a 6.3 mm headphone out.

In Onkyo A-9050 uses a three-stage scheme of amplifying transistors of the Darlington. Involved proprietary technology of broadband signal amplification WRAT, using a shallow negative feedback and significantly increasing the quality of sound. There is a DIDRC circuit, reducing noise and interference in the HF range. For digital sources provided onboard Wolfson WM8718 DAC (24 bit/192 kHz). The model boasts a power supply with a massive EI transformer and two capacitors with a total capacity of 20,000 UF that ensures a capacity of 75 watts per channel (at 8 Ohms). The Phase Matching Bass technology enhances the bass section and thus does not introduce distortion in the midrange.

The inputs on the rear panel: four line RCA connectors MM-Phono stage, two coaxial, optical. A linear RCA connectors, preamp and a Jack for the subwoofer. The speaker has four pairs of terminals. Other switching: 3.5 mm Jack for connection via the system bus, allowing to control several Onkyo components with one remote. There is a grounding terminal. Three slide switches are used to organize connections on the system bus. There is a selector impedance speakers (4 Ohm or 8 Ohm) and a slider that translates the a-9050 in Auto Standby mode, in which the amplifier goes into sleep mode if no signal for 30 minutes.

Onkyo A-9050 is able to build a three-dimensional scene with accurate image location in space. Its sound is transparent, cleanliness and attention to detail. The model has all chances to become a bestseller in the niche of budget Hi-Fi components.

Features stereo amplifier, Onkyo A-9050

The three-stage amplification circuit to the transistors arlingtonsky
WRAT technology and DIDRC
Built-in Wolfson WM8718 DAC (24 bit/192 kHz)

Features stereo amplifier, Onkyo A-9050

Rated output power75 W per channel (8 Ohms, 1 kHz, 0,08% THD, 2 channels loaded, IEC)
THD0,08% (1 kHz, 1 W)
The damping ratio60 (8 Ohms, 1 kHz)
Input sensitivity/input impedance175 mV/33 kω (line input), 4.8 mV/47 kOhm (input MM Phono stage)
Output sensitivity/output impedance0,175/2.2 kω (RCA record output)
Frequency range10 Hz - 100 kHz ( 1 dB, -3 dB, LINE 1)
Management of voices± 14 dB, 100 Hz (bass), ± 14 dB, 10 kHz (treble), 8 dB, 80 Hz (PM Bass)
The signal-to-noise ratio (line input)110 dB
The signal-to-noise ratio (input MM Phono stage)80 dB
The speaker impedance4 – 16 Ohms (A or B), 8 – 16 Ohms (A B)
Built-in DACWolfson WM8718 (24 bit/192 kHz)
Inputsfour line RCA, line mini-Jack connectors MM-Phono stage, two coaxial, optical
Outputs6.3 mm headphone, RCA for the record, pre out PRE OUT (RCA), subwoofer output
OtherRI 3.5 mm plug to connect on the system bus, grounding terminal
The Phono stagefor MM cartridges
Power consumption160 watts
Power consumption in standby mode0.3 W
Remote controlis able to work with other Onkyo components
The speaker4 pairs gold-plated terminals
Dimensions (WxHxD)435х139х330 mm
Weight8.2 kg

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