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  • Stereo Amplifier Onkyo A-9030
  • Stereo Amplifier Onkyo A-9030
  • Stereo Amplifier Onkyo A-9030

Description stereo amplifier, Onkyo A-9030

Integrated stereo amplifier Onkyo A-9030 is a boon for those who would like to join the Hi-Fi sound without spending significant funds. Despite the very reasonable cost, this device has many proprietary technologies, great build quality, as well as a very broad functionality.
Output stages of the amplifier are built on the technology WRAT (wide signal amplification), and have a three stage Darlington circuit. This has made it possible to obtain good compatibility of the amplifier with the acoustics of different brands, including discomedusae – a rare quality for such an inexpensive model. Shallow negative feedback provides the necessary stability of the device, and at the same time does not narrow the dynamic range so the Onkyo A-9030 sound wide scale. Special circuit provides Bass Boost playback of deep bass that blended in with the common frequency range, so A-9030 has no overload on the mid bass even when playing the most difficult pieces of music. To adjust the volume uses a patented scheme that provides a minimum level of noise for any value of the magnitude of the signal. The energy needed for the amplifier provides the power supply a powerful transformer and twin capacitors filter high total capacity.

On the front panel of the Onkyo A-9030 there are volume controls in the low and high frequencies, stereoblonde, selector switch two pairs of speakers, headphone output and a mini jack for connecting portable signal sources. The possibility of direct feed audio signal to bypass all of the subsidiary schemes. On the rear panel of the device has an input for MM-pickup (another pleasant surprise for aspiring audiophiles), inputs for four line sources and output for connecting a recording device or a subwoofer. For connecting two pairs of speakers provided a reliable screw terminals.

The amplifier is assembled on a steel chassis is 1.6 mm thick and with good anti-resonance characteristics, has an aluminium front and comes with a remote control.

Features stereo amplifier, Onkyo A-9030

WRAT technology
Built-in MM Phono stage
Outputs for two pairs of speakers

Features stereo amplifier, Onkyo A-9030

Output power 2 x 60 watts (8 Ohms)
Inputs 5 line, MM-pickup
Outputsheadphone, line remote control
Frequency range10 Hz – 100 kHz
The ratio signal/noisemore than 105 dB (Lin. signal)
Total harmonic distortionless than 0.08%
Dimensions (W x h x D)435 x 139 x 330mm
Weight 7.4 kg

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